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Escaping the Tyranny of Whistler

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The point of this story, however, is not about the kind of Thank God it’s Monday residents feel here when the real Monday rolls around, the relief at being able to ski out favourite runs without running human gates or to once again use the Valley Trail for commuting, without traffic jams. That is another ongoing story. This story is about going back to work whenever your Monday is and escaping the Tyranny of Whistler.

So as not to further confuse you, I am not referring to the following tyrannies of Whistler: expensive and hard to find housing; nightmare tenants/landlords; laughably low paying jobs, at which you work at least two; overpriced everything but particularly unconscionable, gouging gas stations; the need to be unfailingly nice to people sorely deserving the rudest comeback you lay awake nights thinking of; and, last but not least, weather.

Those are, in the overall scheme of thins, small "t" tyrannies. The Tyranny of Whistler is what we do, or more accurately, what we feel compelled to do, on our days off. Days off in the Monday to Friday world are generally divided between maintenance – groceries, dry cleaning, yard work – and relaxation, quality time, or, in the absence of quality time, golf.

Maintenance items for most of us do not occupy much of our time. Groceries are a hit and run affair, PowerBars, muffins and lattes accounting for about 85 per cent of the standard Whistler diet. Since fleece replaced wool, no one knows what I’m talking about when I mention dry cleaning, and we all rent places whose landscaping consists of second growth forest. If we really need to shop, we make a trip down Highway 99 and get a lot done at once. So our days off are pretty much devoted to "relaxation" as that term has been perverted in these parts.

Relaxation in Whistler is roughly equivalent to marathon training in the rest of the world. We spend days off skiing and boarding, traversing the backcountry in search of the Goddess Powder, playing hockey, basketball, baseball and volleyball, biking, climbing, kayaking, hiking, blading, often all in one day.

People returning to work from days off around here are the walking wounded. Sprained joints, lost skin, dislocated bits, contusions, abrasions and general mayhem plague out personal Mondays. The idea of hanging out, lying in the sun, reading a book or in some manner spending days off in the leisure pursuits is socially unacceptable. Like watching junk TV, if we do it at all, we lie about it to others; actually admitting to sloth would require enrolment in a 12-step program or relocation, to maybe Squamish. This Tyranny is a natural outgrowth of life in a recreational Mecca and it’s totally out of control.

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