Maxed Out 

And the winner is…

And the winner is…

Wow! Another year to honour, ridicule and remember. This may be the last year of the Maxies as we know them. At the rate things are going, if I want to keep this up I might have to rent Millennium Place next year, buy a tuxedo, an SUV, a 5,000 square foot house and ramp up my income by an order of magnitude or two just to feel at home in this town.

But there’s less left of the year than it takes to recover from a hangover anymore so… the envelopes please.

Mountain Kulture Awards:

Best On-Mountain Improvement: Snow! Long rumoured to be a no show, El Niño redux finally comes through like Scrooge with some of the white stuff. I’ve seen cokeheads spill more powder than fell in all of November and much of December fer chrissakes. Okay you bandito, deliver the other couple of feet we need to stop Colorado from making fun of us or we’re going to sic Immigration on you.

Best Disappearing Act: Whistler. No, we’re still here. We just disappeared from the official name of the bid for the 2010 Winter Olympics. You ought to see what those BidCorp guys can do with an elephant, a scantily-clad assistant and a couple of hundred million of your tax dollars. Abracadabra, dude.

Second Best Disappearing Act: A good part of the coaching staff and some of the men’s downhill team at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics. Recognizing it was throwing good money after bad, Alpine Canada axed most of the coaches, dispersed the team and skipped the final race of the season after something more closely resembling a Marx Brothers movie than Olympic skiing made the beaver blush. Full marks though for putting a racer in the president’s chair, a coach who knows the word WIN – and few others – in charge and focusing on rebuilding.

The Student Becomes the Master Becomes the Student: Rob Boyd opts for the smaller time and casts his future as Head Coach of Whistler Mountain Ski Club’s K2s, passing on a chance to work in the bigs with CAST. Not only will he get to shape a brighter future by staying here, but we’ll still get to ski with him.

Life is Politics – Politics is Life Awards:

Mobius Remembered: Whistler’s sustainability initiative. No exercise in recent memory has so succinctly managed to define what it’s all about by its mere execution. The consultants must think they’ve died and gone to consultant heaven.

Everett Dirksen Remembered – Part I: A million bucks for a muni Web site?


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