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I’ve got seven hundred bucks to spend. I finally get to the point where, in my own mind, I can choose to spend the money on (a) a new pair of skis, or (b) a glorious night of drugs and alcohol for me and my friends. Under an economic impact analysis, the impact of my choice is the same whether I go with one of the other; what I choose is irrelevant. But a rigorous cost-benefit analysis would lead to what any sane person would consider the obvious choice….

The CCPA’s study concluded the Games would likely wind up costing B.C. taxpayers – us – $1.2 billion, give or take. The 200,000 jobs touted by the government might be more like 39,000 person-years of employment over a seven year period, the equivalent of 5,600 continuing, full-time jobs which, given the costs of producing, would work out to about a $220,000 subsidy per job. Those are the highlights.

Naturally, Slash Gordon, besotted premier of all B.C. dismissed the study. He said the CCPA could not be trusted because it was funded by the New Democrats. He said he pays little attention to the CCPA because it’s driven by ideology, not facts. The CCPA did not respond by saying Campbell was just a drunk who was driven by bankrupt, conservative ideology, not facts.

In the end it doesn’t really matter. Money is the fuel in the engine of commerce. I guess that’s why I’m still ambivalent about the Olympics. My opinion doesn’t matter, my vote wasn’t allowed. But it’ll be very interesting to see what the folks down valley have to say.

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