Maxed Out 

The Annals of Greed – Part III

By G.D. Maxwell

At the risk of completely losing readership, here we go again... for the last time if that’s any consolation.

Sunday night, for the first time since the veil of darkness fell across the land south of the border nearly three years ago, I allowed myself to be optimistic. Watching Bush Lite dodge and weave, prevaricate and obfuscate, I wondered if I was the only one who had a sense he was staggering instead of swaggering. He looked worried, like a punchdrunk pugilist coming out of the fog and suddenly becoming conscious of the fact he just might lose this fight.

Not necessarily the fight in Iraq, although he wouldn’t be the first faux conqueror to be bushwhacked in the cradle of civilization, but the fight for re-election. Like his daddy before him, Junior’s squandering the goodwill of the people of the USofA at dizzying rates. The fact that Saddam’s out of power – though still lurking in the shadows like some malevolent boogieman – is scant succor to a population finally realizing this isn’t going to be some Hollywood slam dunk war.

The thing that just might send the prez back to Texas four years earlier than he ever imagined, and the rest of us had any right to hope, won’t be the body count intoned on the nightly news. It won’t be the criminal environmental record he’s racked up. It won’t be the sight of him having to suck up to the French and Germans and the ‘irrelevant’ United Nations to come help bail his sorry butt out of what’s shaping up to be Vietnam: The Sequel. It won’t be any sense of shame felt by my fellow countrymen over the utter contempt in which nearly every country in the world other than Great Britain now holds the U.S.

It’ll be the everlasting power of greed.

The wages of war, or at least the expense, are coming home to roost. Bush finally told the American people he didn’t have a clue what he was getting them into or how long it would take to get them out. He asked for 87 BILLION dollars to further prosecute the war and rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan, that other little hotbed of terrorism we’d almost forgotten about. This 87 billion didn’t include the 79 billion he asked for and got just a few months ago. That pocket change was just to get the war through this fiscal year, ending this month.

With a budget deficit – not debt, deficit, as in current year shortfall – already approaching HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS, a ‘recovery’ without jobs, an unprecedented transfer of wealth to the already wealthy, and a pack of Democratic hopefuls baying like bloodhounds on the trail of an escaped convict, the American people are finally beginning to wake up and realize Bill Clinton’s Oval Office blowjob wasn’t nearly as bad as the screwin’ Mr. Bush is layin’ on the whole country.

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