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I laughed out loud, said to no one in particular, "Well, at least they had the good sense to use (your brand of condom here)," and suddenly finding myself ravenous, toddled off to (your restaurant name proudly plugged here) for a quick but satisfying nosh before returning home to watch the Big Game on my new plasma TV I’d just had delivered from (major electronics chain, no doubt, mentioned here). Ain’t life grand?

Okay, you get the picture.

Obviously the soft-sell – product placement – might not cut it for all of you interested in taking advantage of this unique marketing opportunity. I feel your pain. Your concerns are my concerns. I’m sure we can work together.

For those of you who just have to be more, how shall I say this, out there, I guess I have to be open to straight up advertising, maybe a tasteful banner ad at the bottom of the page or a display ad instead of the graphic that usually accompanies my column. Of course, that’s going to cost you big but just think about what you’d be getting. Informal market research has shown that nearly three out of every four Pique readers read Maxed Out first! More astonishingly, a full 95 per cent of them read at least the title and call-out if not the actual column.

With a press run of 15,000 or so and an average readership of 3.4 persons per paper, that’s... let’s see... carry the five... well, that’s a lot of eyes falling on your well-placed ad each and every week.

So let’s hear it from you punters out there. This offer isn’t going to last long. Once I have a sponsor in each category, that’s it, no more deals. Pick up that phone right now and call the Pique; they know where to find me. Zeuski’s patio no doubt.

See how easy it is?

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