Maxed Out 

The uninspiring devil we don’t know

By G.D. Maxwell

Here we go again.

The upcoming U.S. presidential election – it’s not until November if you’re wondering when all this harping is going to go away and we’re going to swing back into the 18 months of bliss between quadrennial elections south of the border – is shaping up to be another in a seemingly endless round of choosing between the lesser of two evils or, as the case may be, the lesser of two banalities.

On the one hand, we have the devil we know. George W. Bush, a/k/a Thief in Chief, Dubya, Bush Lite and my current personal favourite, Heather Mallick’s The Bushling. On the other hand, we have John F. Kerry, a/k/a Flip-Flop and not much else that’s stuck, so devoid of human interest is the candidate he fails to even garner epithets.

The best thing that can be said for the devil we know is this: all the other guys around him are so totally ruthless, so completely devoid of social conscience, so bent on running roughshod over the U.S. Constitution and virtually every major multilateral treaty the U.S. has been signatory to since the end of the second World War, so devoted to systematically transferring both the wealth of the world and the reins of absolute power over to the mighty and corporate, that he, George W. Bush, may be the only thing keeping them from throwing both grasping hands on the controls and declaring democracy a quaint but flawed form of government in the New World Order.

And he continues to refuse to pronounce nuclear correctly even though he seemed miraculously to know how when he travelled to Great Britain to address Parliament and pet the Poodle.

Despite the buffering role I’ve grudgingly decided he plays between what’s left of democracy and the more efficient totalitarianism preferred by Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfie, Rove, et. al ., short of being made an offer I couldn’t refuse, there exists no circumstance under which I could bring myself to vote for him. Monetarily, spiritually and institutionally, I’m not sure the USofA will be recognizable emerging from four more years of his presidency.

And it pisses me off no end that the Democrats are so weak-kneed, so philosophically bankrupt, so fearful of their own history and record and so certain the Age of Fear has eclipsed the Age of Reason that they’ve transformed themselves into a paler version of the Republicans. Hell, I’m half expecting Michael Moore to rush an action-packed, G.I. Joe version of John Kerry’s war exploits to the silver screen by late October. Maybe Ahrnie would miss the irony of having him play Kerry.


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