Maxed Out 

Uncle! I give! Enough already!

By G.D. Maxwell

I have seen the error of my ways and I am ready to throw in the towel. A political junkie since the Kennedy-Nixon debates brought politics to television, I’ve had enough. Heard enough. I am ready to forsake the intrigue and fevered pitch of the political arena and give myself over entirely to reality television, cheap trashy novels, processed food and a world view so circumscribed it doesn’t quite take into account even Squamish or Pemberton. Black Tusk? Emerald? Maybe.

I am totally repulsed by the polarized, he-said she-said, simple thoughts for simple minds, my gun’s bigger than your gun, screw what the rest of the world thinks, what’s in it for me, if you vote for my opponent you’ll die attitude prevailing among apparently not only the politicians but the electorate south of the border. I’m ready to mail my U.S. of A. passport into the State Department along with a request to purge me from the citizenship and Infernal Revenue rolls. Better the inept, second-rate sleaze, Gong Show grandstanding, federal-provincial pissing match that passes for Canadian politics and at least sleep soundly at night knowing I’m part of a somnambulant underachiever with no desire to rule the world.

Better still, a man without a country. At least until Whistler declares its independence and hives itself off as a stand-alone city-state - Motto: Go Big… Then Go Home!

Not having any passport might pose a problem though. At least until my saintly parents are called to that great shopping centre in the sky. The Patriot Acts don’t contain any humanitarian exceptions.

But the Bush-Kerry fiasco is, I believe, the final straw. So wholly transparent, so shamelessly pandering, so full of lies, half-truths, distortions and simplifications, so built on foundations of scare-mongering and character assassination, and so bereft of any vision of how my home and native land may once again become a beacon for freedom, good deeds and hope for the future are the campaigns of the president and the challenger, that I’m almost ready to fly planes into buildings myself. A pox on all your houses… ranches, ski chalets, summer homes and villas.

There’s no doubt the current Bush presidency has been a disaster. He’s governed as though he had a clear mandate instead of a tenure in office awarded by the Supreme Court. He’s surrounded himself with a cabal of insiders who have gutted the Constitution, squandered the goodwill of the world after 9/11, run the country’s books into an abyss of debt and deficit, transferred unconscionable wealth to the already wealthy and corporate interests, started an unnecessary war and provided no indication he has any smart ideas to end it.

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