Maxed Out 

Out of the caves and into the light

By G.D. Maxwell

I give up. Uncle! I just can’t solve the puzzle. It’s a riddle that’s left my rain-soaked, powder-deprived psyche even more battered and beaten and feeling like I’m living in a bad dream loop, still waiting for a Godot-like winter that never comes, washed away in an endless autumn. But like a stubborn crossword clue, I’m simply going to have to let it go without ever unraveling its mysteries.

The it is exactly how, through what invidious mechanism, recognizing and enshrining in law the inherent right of homosexuals to marry each other is going to threaten the institution of heterosexual marriage. Call me stupid, lord knows it’s been done often enough before. Call me a queer lover; at least that would be a new epithet.

But can someone, anyone – half a brain or better to open – ante up a good explanation for how Parliament is going to diminish the institution of marriage by recognizing something that is already law in virtually all provinces other than Little Texas and is obviously four-square with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

And please don’t fall back on any specious arguments invoking the will-o-God. If God were so against same-sex marriage, there’d be eleven commandments, not some casual reference to queer bashing in Leviticus. Given God’s specific warning about adultery, just to take one of the more popularly breached commandments, I don’t know how most conservative religious leaders can even make the biblical argument against homosexuals marrying without cringing at the fear a thunderbolt is about to strike them and the better part of their congregations dead.

Let’s face it, heterosexual marriage has done a pretty good job, all by itself, of bringing the institution of marriage into disrepute. I’m not certain how letting loving, committed people into the club is going to undermine it further. They can’t do any worse than heteros have already done at the marriage game and chances are, having struggled to overcome the social barriers hurled at them since they peeped out of their closets, their participation will surely raise the success percentage of a dog-eared institution.

People who have never tried to hit a major league curveball make fun of "sluggers" in baseball because the best of them only manage to hit the ball successfully about one-third of the time. But here you have your bedrock social institution, your basis for civilization limping along with a success rate just barely over half in the USofA and not quite two-thirds in Canada. And they’re afraid letting homosexuals join in the game is going to destroy it?

Why? Where is the threat?


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