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Ingredients in the soup of history

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Man, this story has it all.

But I digress.

Where I was trying to head when this stream-of-consciousness began to meander was into the history books. Okay, I used the H word; stick with me though for another half page. If it doesn’t work, I’ll refund what you paid for this paper.

The formula for history is Anything plus Time. History happens. Special events make it interesting. Unexpected outcomes make it interesting. Colourful people make it interesting. Textbook writers make it painfully dull. And if there is a heaven and a hell, there is most certainly a special, hideous place in hell for 99 per cent of the hack academics who ever wrote the history books that made you recoil when I used the word the first time.

The big problem with contemplating history in real time is Anything. If anything, and therefore everything, contributes to the soup of history, how do you know what’s important when it’s happening? And how, especially, do you know what’s important in your own back yard?

Well, I’m here to tell you what’s going on right now is historical and you’re all part of it. Go ahead, take a bow; you all deserve it.

Of course, the outcome could be tragic – only time will tell – but it could, with a little luck, be, dare I say it, sustainable.

The crappy, bad dream of a winter we’ve just come through was historic. Never been one as nasty. Whether it was an anomaly or whether it was an appetizer of the globally warmed winters to come is best left to time and extended discussions over refreshing beverages.

The Snows of Spring are quickly becoming historic but in the overall history of Whistler, they’re just a cherry on the local sundae. They’re our own private reward for putting up with the rain, the cut hours, the depressed guests, the vanished newcomers and the stinking cloud of anomie that hung over the village most of this season. If you haven’t dug out your boards and headed up to enjoy it, the skiing and riding is about as good as it gets right now. Reward yourself.

WSSF’s tenth annual installment is most definitely historic. What could easily have been a wake for the death of winter has been another life-embracing event. It’s only half over and I’m already exhausted. Despite the missing Big Air, the buzz in the village has been hyper. The music’s tapped into our collective need to dance away the blues, the competition’s been as good as it gets, the art and spoken word events have been uplifting and the best is yet to come. Anyone who questions whether this town had a heart and soul ought to be makin’ his final arrangements with the undertakers because he’s already dead and doesn’t know it.

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