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Playing the field of candidates


To: Bob Barnett

From: Max

RE: Returning to cute dog and cat stories

Hey Boss. Boy were you ever right. I mean, when you’re right, you’re right. Guess that’s why you’re the Voice of Reason.

Wise beyond your age, that’s you. All those years ago, all those elections ago when I beat you up – verbally – for even wondering whether it was a good idea to endorse candidates for local office, when I said it was the duty and obligation of a paper with as much moxie as Pique to speak out… if you’da been as aggressive as you are smart you’da smacked me upside the head with a baseball bat.

Even though you didn’t, my head feels like you did.

I think this election’s got me beat, at least as far as council candidates are concerned. This field embraces everything from the lunatic fringe to thoughtful, experienced candidates. We’ve got brash youth, semi-retired longtimers, social activists, relative unknowns, and enough eager beavers to dam every creek in the valley.

What’s a crank columnist to do?

Maybe I’ll take this week off, let you slip in a rerun. Think anyone will notice? Me either.

I don’t even know where to start.

Of the field, there are really only two people I think are must-haves regardless of who becomes mayor. Nancy’s a keeper. Not just because she’s my hero but because she’s smart, a tireless worker, has a well-defined sense of community and is beholden to nobody. If Ted wins, Nancy can’t be intimidated. If Ken wins, she’ll help keep things moving along and maybe sing harmony. If Kristi pulls a rabbit out of her hat, we’ll be closer to a world where women run things and that can’t be all bad, better if Nancy were mayor but wishes ain’t ponies, so to speak.

Tim’s the only other guy I have no doubts about. What was the number one challenge facing the last council and the number one challenge facing the next council. IT’S THE HOUSING, STUPID! Sorry, Bob; I don’t mean you’re stupid, it’s just a saying.

No one understands this challenge better than Tim. No one’s lived it and been frustrated by the political inertia that’s kept housing from becoming a reality more than Tim. No one’s quit a well-paying job to apply for a crappy-paying job just because he thought it was the only way to finally get things moving on the housing front except Tim. Having said that, you know I consider Tim a friend. I don’t know how much that colours my judgment but if it does, it’s only one of a whole rainbow of colours and like you always say, "You call that judgment?"

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