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They did send a press release to Whistler’s media the day after the event — and the day after the weekly papers come out — but if you called Telus on Friday, as I did, when my dial-up dialed nothing, the message you might have gotten could have been the one I got. “We think service will be restored later today.”

Facing some impressive deadlines, I fortunately had the number I use to connect at Smilin’ Dog Manor. Yes, it was long-distance but it worked.

Which raised this question: How come the company that sells us call forwarding couldn’t forward our calls to one of their many, many other ISPs?

When I called back on Monday, the tech support guy I got that time kept saying, “They’re not telling us exactly when service will be restored.” They? Apparently the comic irony was lost on him when I explained that to “us” he was “they.” So apparently, not only couldn’t Telus communicate with its customers, it couldn’t even communicate to their own people.

Now if they would only explain why my “service” is running 20 per cent slower than it used to I’m certain I’d feel better about paying 100 per cent of what I used to.

Warning: Changing topics here.

Can we please just chamber the silver bullet and kill London Drugs once and for all? I’m getting tired of the ads, tired of the telephone surveys, tired of the your-concerns-are-our-concerns pleading. Make a decision already. The retail strategy we’ve been waiting to hide behind, er, consider is pretty clear. London Drugs is about as good a “fit” in Whistler village as Mr. Lube would be. Yeah, it’d be more convenient and we’d probably patronize it, but that’s not really the issue here. Is it?

Warning: Op cit .

Here’s a little mind-game to consider. Which of the following items does not belong in this list: Car shows, monster truck rallies, boat shows, national political conventions, Whistler.

For longer than most of us have lived here, the local tennis people have been locking horns with one developer or another to get one of them to make good on a promise made, in exchange for zoning, density, whatever, to build a tennis facility on lands north of Marketplace. Now it seems the whole proposal has morphed into a tennis facility that can be transformed into a massive exhibition space, ownership of which will be transferred to the municipality.

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