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New money, same old war

In this week’s speech from the throne, Stevie Hapless, PM of all Canada, managed to nudge the country further right, throw the lacklustre Stephie Dion’s Liberals into dangerous, uncharted waters — the kind that need real leadership, a quality apparently completely lacking in the party — and hang the albatross of yet another likely election around the necks of Canadians longing for the good old days of bland, but effective, government.

It was, in many ways, an encore performance. It was also pretty well done. Stevie obviously honed his political skills at the high school chess club as evidenced by his deft play. That would be check and mate, Mr. Dion.

Liberal leader in name only, Stephie’s total collapse sets the stage not only for another general election but most likely another drawn-out Liberal leadership race. And you thought Canadian politics couldn’t get any more boring.

But it was Stevie’s pronouncement earlier this month that foreshadowed the throne speech’s inexorable march south toward politics American style. That was when Stevie abandoned any pretense toward rational thought and fell into lockstep behind the bankrupt drug policies that have filled American jails to overcapacity while whittling the “drug problem” down not a bit. He might have promised the Canadian people lower taxes and a reduced GST but his new drug policy gifted continuing record profits and the promise of even more to the thugs on both sides of the law who profit from the ineffective criminalization of street drugs.

Jeez Stevie, put a brain on.

Let’s just suppose you ran, say, a cute little resort municipality. Let’s suppose things were not going well for you, tourism was off, people were tired of your product, mindless gangs from a nearby urban centre were terrorizing your town on long weekends, the Olympics were coming. When things seemed as though they couldn’t get any worse, when the situation cried out for leadership and fresh ideas, let’s suppose the mayor of the cute resort municipality said, “I’ve got the solution. We’ll just keep doing the same stuff that got us into this fix in the first place.” What would you do?

If you were a mindless ideologue you might pat him or her on the back and say, “Attaboy(girl). That ought to fix the problem.”

Otherwise, you might roll your eyes heavenward and say, “Not this nonsense again.”

Stevie dished out $64 million worth of new money for the same old war on drugs. Given a choice, I’d vote for flushing $64 million down the toilet or giving it to corrupt Quebec cronies in Sponsorship Redux. He also promised mandatory minimum sentences for people convicted of serious drug crimes, whatever those are.


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