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Our individual rights trumped by Olympics


If you're not outraged, as the old bumper sticker says, you're not paying attention. More to the point, if you're not outraged, what the hell is wrong with you? No, seriously, You!

If this nonsense doesn't outrage your very sense of Canadian-ness, what will? If the wholesale attack on your basic, Charter of Rights and Freedoms being perpetrated by the provincial government, at the behest of the IOC and their puppet mouthpiece VANOC, doesn't chill you to your soul and simultaneously make your blood boil, then shame on you; you've learned absolutely nothing from history and will probably fight your way to the front of the line when they tell you to board the boxcars for a trip to the nice, hot showers. Wake up, suckas.

I've tried to be good. Tried to, well, if not become an Olympic supporter - about as likely as warmly embracing China's human rights policies - at least swallow the bile climbing my throat and put on a happy face for the sake of the ongoing success of my tourist-dependent happy mountain home. But this has gone too far, become a classic example of giving the thugs an inch (2.54cm) and watching them take a mile (1.61km). There comes a point where even the sheep get tired of being shorn and no vision of peaceful coexistence is worth swallowing the indignities and infringements on things people before me thought were precious enough to fight and die for.

Memo to Olympics: F#*k You!

I grinned sardonically and shook my head when you started talking about "safe assembly areas" where protesters would be "allowed" to hold peaceful protests against the Olympics. I assumed these would be barricaded sites so far away from media, pedestrian traffic and, naturally, official venues that protesters might as well be on the frickin' moon. After all, Vancouver, willingly strong-armed by the Feds, pulled the same shenanigans when APEC protesters wanted to display their displeasure at the Canadian government toadying up to tinpot dictators. Cue the Sgt. Pepper soundtrack.

After all, bogus arguments could be made that letting people openly protest just anywhere might threaten public security. Gotta keep the sheep safe from the wolves, ya know. But developments have moved to the point where it won't surprise me at all when Gordo has one of his ministers announce - or simply abdicate the unveiling to the Integrated Security Unit mouthpiece - protesters will require permits to use even the free-speech zones. After all, they seem to be borrowing more than just a few pages from China's playbook. Apply for a permit, get your sorry butt tossed in jail while the jackboots probe your background, your friends, employers and anyone else who might shed some light on what a threat you are and then either deny the permit or grant it... weeks after the Games are over.


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