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More singeing answers to scorching questions


Sometimes I'm just too smart for my own good. Thinking last week's experiment in open and transparent communication - publicly answering readers' burning questions languishing in my inbox - would clear out that particular backlog, I was flummoxed once again. All it did was lead to more inquisitive letters, assuming semi-literate e-mails can be called letters, which I guess they can since we still talk about dialing a phone.

In any event, here's one more round. But this is it; stop writing and asking me hard questions. The Olympics are coming; this is no time to think.


Dear Max:

I'm getting worried about all the rain that's been falling. If this is that start of the second great flood, it'll ruin the Olympics. Is this God's way of punishing Whistler for being such a shallow, hedonistic, immoral town? Is He out to destroy us?

Troubled True Believer

Dear Believer:

This is Whistler. It rains here. Get over it. This is an El Niño year, El Niño being some foreign language meaning, roughly, The Niño, or boy child. I guess if you really stretched for some religious significance in the weather you might question whether that means this is the second coming, as opposed to the second great flood, but since El Niño rolls around every few years, I doubt that it is.

With all the real cesspools of sin around the world, I can't imagine God would waste His time destroying Whistler. We may bend a few of the commandments around here but mostly we're too indifferent to break the really important ones, killing others springing immediately to mind. And besides, God's a busy guy. If He wanted to destroy Whistler, I don't think He'd waste 40 days of water when two weeks worth next month would do the trick. Either stop worrying or start building an ark; your choice.


Dear Max:

As a small business person - lifeblood of the economy, or so I'm told - with a shop in Franz's Walk at Creekside, I've done about as much business in the past week, since the parking disappeared, as the defunct video store just around the corner from me. I'm afraid I won't be able to stay afloat until April with just walk-by business. What can I do?

Sinking Fast

Dear Sinking:

Not knowing the nature of your business, I'd suggest stocking plenty of items Weasel Workers might be interested in. Of course, it'll be hard to compete with free beer but then, you're an entrepreneur, one assumes.

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