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An even greater pain is the disheartening feeling I'm left with that we've devolved to a point where it is entirely possible an honest man can no longer hold high public office. Are the political and economic realities of the day such that there is no principle that can't be compromised? Are our problems so great, our pique so high, our positions so entrenched we can no longer work together and level with each other to build a better world... or at least a small corner of one? Is there no right left worth fighting for?

Maybe I've been doing this too long. Maybe I'm the anachronism. Maybe Orwell was right about power corrupting and maybe there's no one strong enough to resist its siren song.

I'd like to still believe we can, if not completely ignore our self-interest, at least occasionally place it second to the common interest. I'd like to think we're all capable of a little sacrifice to make this town a better place to live and work. I want to believe we can rise to the challenge of becoming the sustainable resort envisioned in Whistler 2020 without corrupting it into a battering ram to run roughshod over those who question its application. But I fear I'm losing the faith.

Ironically, it was other words Bill Clinton spoke I'd like to inform whatever happens next in this sad saga. "Big things are expected of us... and nothing big ever came of being small."

It's time to stop being small.



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