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The more recent Sponsorship Scandal - which actually squandered less money in an attempt to keep Quebec from separating than was spent by the Gomery Commission investigating it - is trotted out time and again by Conservatives as proof Liberals are corrupt wastrels who will set fire to precious tax dollars if they're in power. Yet, 15 years after the fact, I'm still trying to figure out how it was the Liberals balanced the budget in the 1990s and created the surplus frittered away by Pudge when he got his hands on the national pocketbook.

Of course, squandering $15 billion on new warplanes to support Canada's new world role as war monger is prudent in ConWorld. Even if, as both the Parliamentary Budget Office and the Pentagon say, the real price tag will be at least twice that much. Proroguing Parliament - twice - because you want to take your ball, okay, Canadians' ball, and go home is okay. Kicking people out of your open-to-the-approved-public meetings because they might have come on a Liberal's Facebook page is okay. Being unwilling to even talk about token efforts to deal with climate change, while the biggest hole in the ozone ever opens above your vaunted Arctic, is okay.

Music... I need music. Ah, how soothing.




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