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Pay parking explained - 'Max' style

Well, we may finally have an answer to the burning question: what makes a Whistleratic as riled up as a cancelled bike race? Answer: A ham-handed, punitive pay parking plan.

Maybe it's because I always thought of computers as work tools as opposed to entertainment but whatever the reason, I never have, and likely never will, really figure out the fascination with Facebook. I can think of several dozen things I'd rather do than read another "Mikey likes this" post or ponder the incredible waste of bandwidth represented by the N th video of someone's child mastering the nuances of tricycling. But I freely admit I'm blown away by the little firestorm growing daily on the "Hell No We Won't Pay" Facebook page set up by someone I don't know based on the half-baked idea in the final few paragraphs of last week's column. Thank you, Bronwyn, whoever you are.

As of Wednesday morning, 755 people have said they're going to attend the town party on June 4 th in Lot 1. Perhaps we'll have to make that Lot 2; Lot 1 isn't that big.


I'm not sure how Facebook math works and I suspect there's an attrition factor somewhere near an order of magnitude between "will attend" and "will attend if  nothing better comes up between now and then." But so what. These are only people who Facebook, and I have it on good authority there are actually people left in the world who don't.

Reading through the posts though - and listening to people the old-fashioned way, face-to-face - there seems to be a lot of confusion, speculation, conspiracy theory and plain ol' bad information floating around about Pay Parking III: Us again' Them. So, as a public service, I've prepared a FAQ to clear a few things up... in a "muddy the waters" sort of way.

Q: Aren't we really creating a tempest in a teapot over this silly pay parking thing? Especially since the world is going to end on May 21?

A: While I wouldn't want to get into a biblical argument with you, I'm pretty certain the world won't end on May 21. I can't point to any religious text to prove it but I can tell you my Visa payment is scheduled to come out of my bank account on May 20 and if there is a God, I don't believe she'd be so heartless as to end the world the day after she puts me into overdraft.

Q: How did the muni come up with the figure $13.50/day? Why did they extend it to Lots 4 & 5? Is there any place I can still park for free?

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