Maxed Out 

Some temptations simply can't be resisted. They should be given in to immediately.

Temptation is like water, the universal solvent. Sooner or later, albeit perhaps in geological time, water will wear away almost any surface, dissolve or suspend any particles once they become fine enough. Temptation will gnaw at the most resolute resolve. You can ignore it for only so long. Every passing thought of that piece of chocolate hiding in the dark corner of the top shelf, screaming my name, brings me closer to buckling. Every denial of the inevitable is not, as some may think, a victory of willpower over temptation; it's just one iteration closer to willpower's inevitable collapse and capitulation.

Temptation wins every time because temptation has time on its side; willpower doesn't.

Having paid due homage to my resolve, my willpower has dissolved and I shall do what I didn't want to do yesterday. I shall - oh lord, I can't fight it any more - wade into the gooey mess of our recently-departed chief administrative officer's decision to bite the hand that fed him so well for so long.

Unless you've been particularly distracted, or simply indifferent, you've probably heard our former CAO has taken up a new hobby in his retirement. Long a closet pugilist and terror on the ice, Bill Barratt has decided to spend his golden years suing the RMOW for wrongful dismissal.

I know what you're thinking. I was thinking the exact same thing. Dismissal? I thought he resigned. What, you thought he resigned too? Well, so apparently did everyone else. But au contraire. As he used to tell me, frequently, it's not that simple. Or, as he also told me frequently, I was wrong. So were you, not that it makes me feel any better, though I often feel you're wrong and I'm not.

Bill frequently used to say, when asked, that he was going to resign after the Olympics. When the Olympics were over - not that they're ever really over, as witnessed by the tsunami of cheap nostalgia during the grand opening of Whistler Olympic Plaza, WOP North - he didn't resign and people wondered what was up.

I didn't. Hey, would you leave a job you loved... even if it didn't pay you $208k a year? Even if it didn't come with a $700/month car allowance and pay for all your fuel, insurance, repair and maintenance costs, thus calling into question why you had a car allowance to begin with? Even if it didn't include seven weeks' paid vacation? Wouldn't you keep working just because you loved what you did and enjoyed coming to work every single day to be assaulted by complaints from people who don't know how to live next to an asphalt plant and be thankful for it? I know I wouldn't, and neither did Bill.


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