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Well, it's crunch time. Depending on which mayoral candidate you follow or favour, this campaign's been an interesting six weeks or an endless three years. There's no reason to suspect the final 48 hours won't be frantic, especially with Friday evening's Rotary showdown.

Possibly even more than voting Saturday and staying awake for the results, the thing I'm looking forward to more than anything else is divorcing Facebook early Sunday morning. I used to think reality TV, the cult of celebrity and the quest for fame were the saddest manifestations of popular culture. I now understand the degree to which they pale compared to the time sink of Facebook. If it weren't more indicative of his digiphobia than choice, it would almost be a testament to councillor Thomson that he alone has steered clear.

On to business though. It's time to consider the mayoral race. Let's start with the easy part. I don't frequently find myself in agreement with former councillor Nick Davies but I share his sentiments expressed last week in Whistler's other paper: this is a two-horse race. Having worked in the inner circle of one of the other candidates and having found him wanting, I defer to Nick's dismissal of his faltered campaign.

I've been endorsing candidates since 1996. Had Bob Barnett started Pique earlier and brought me along from the beginning, I'd probably have done so in 1993. But we all have to start somewhere.

One thing has been constant since that first election: my unwavering support for Ken Melamed. Over the course of five elections, it's gone something like this.

"We need Ken Melamed on council. This time around, his input and understanding of the environmentally sensitive bits of Whistler is imperative. Many current Councillors, all developers and those who would spread a thin layer of asphalt from one end of the valley to the other, view Ken as a pain in the ass." Maxed Out, November 1996

"Three years ago, I thought we really needed Ken... on council. We still do. Ken will continue to bedevil the conscience of anyone who thinks they can slough their way through small points or bulldoze their way through the big issues." Maxed Out, November 1999

"I'd like to bring Ken Melamed along. Ken's like a compass. He unerringly points one direction. Even though a compass only points one direction, you can always determine your direction of travel whether you go that way or not. Ken's the hardest working person on council... still. He's not afraid to stand alone, face the scorn of his colleagues and wrath of those who might want to travel a more expedient direction. He's earned our support." Maxed Out, November 2002

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