Letters to the Editor for the week of March 8th, 2012 

Not a waster of tax dollars

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As residents of "The Falls" in Cheakamus Crossing, we consider it important to comment on Cheryl Erickson's March 1 letter in the Pique entitled "Stop Wasting Our Tax Dollars."

Sadly, we belong to the ranks of people whose experience differs markedly from hers. We must spend a lot of time at home and the several months of asphalt plant operations in 2011 were extremely unpleasant, particularly in the mornings and early afternoons. Rather than move as suggested by Ms. Erickson, we are exploring various ways to mitigate the effects of the looming 2012 asphalt season.

Far from recklessly opting to locate downwind of a permanent asphalt plant, we consider that we made careful and reasonable decisions in 2008 and again in 2010, based on trust in information and advice provided by the municipality and the Whistler Development Corporation, as well as simple common sense.

Regardless of its legality, the present situation is not acceptable to many Cheakamus Crossing owners and residents. We are grateful to Tim Koshul and the other volunteers who justifiably exercised their citizens' right to oppose it. Moreover, the presence of the plant and quarry appears to seriously deter potential buyers of the still unsold housing stock and building lots. Consequently, there is a compelling business case for seeking an effective and timely solution.

Council's efforts to resolve this matter will benefit the local community and Whistler as a whole. This is NOT a waste of your tax dollars.

Doug and Joan Deeks


'Ignorance is Bliss'

I was surprised and disappointed to read the letter last week from Cheryl Erickson in which she wrote, "(I) can honestly say I barely notice the asphalt plant." (Pique, March 1, 2012)

Cheryl seems to have made a subjective judgment based on her own experiences, which I assume may include a poor olfactory sense or lack of outdoor activity in the neighbourhood during times of asphalt production. (This) leads her to believe that there is no problem in this otherwise beautiful community, whereas other voices on record in the community very much notice the plant's pollution and associated nuisances. The fact that Cheryl herself does not notice a problem does not mean a problem does not exist. I have hours of video that contradict her statement.

She accuses us of having forgotten about the legal papers we signed and that the plant was already in place operating, and was there long before we moved in and a gun wasn't put to our heads.

The agreement mentions the RMOW was in negotiations to move the plant. The RMOW's statement of intent in the buyer's agreement to negotiate a possible move of the plant created a situation that in a town that prides itself on a promise of quality of life would pull out all stops to protect that. Goodness, we had a green mayor too.

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