Notes from the back row 

Notes from the back row- Sept 2

Mila Kunis has a new flick out this week. Remember her? The dark haired girl from That 70's Show ? Or maybe you'll recognize her as the voice of Meg from the Family Guy. Regardless, Kunis slipped under the radar for a few years there ( American Psycho 2 ) but anyone who saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall noticed her utter hotness instantly. She is gorgeous, and she can act.

And she stars alongside Jason Bateman in a new Mike Judge ( Office Space) comedy that opens this week. Extract finds Judge back in the realm of the everyman dealing with the struggles of the American working class. It looks funny. Early reports are that it's too low key or detached and doesn't commit to itself but I suspect real movie fans will find lots to like. The cast alone, including JK Simmons and Kirsten Wiig, is worth checking out. You'll have to drive to the city though, it isn't playing up here yet.

Rather, the good old Village 8 is opening Gamer, an explosion-riddled sci-fi flick aimed at kids who need a good antidote for those back-to-school blues. No preview copies of this film were made available but we do know it stars Gerard Butler as Kabal, a death-row inmate who competes in a combat game (with real consequences) for other's entertainment. Gamer looks a lot like Death Race or The Running Man but this time the inmates are like characters controlled by others- a 17-year-old kid controls Kabal.

Don't go fishing for epiphanies but if you like fireballs, tracers, speedball editing, cool video game interfaces and some human slavery undercurrents then check Gamer out- it's made by the guys who brought us Crank and Crank-High Voltage so expect an equally high energy level. (Kyra Sedgwick seems out of place here, and a bit old for this kind of flick, but whatever, just ignore her.)

Also opening here in town is All About Steve . I haven't seen the movie but the trailer is as inviting as a basement full of dog farts. Sandra Bullock, back in another romantic comedy, apparently "from the makers of Miss Congeniality " (although the director didn't work on that shitheap so maybe that's a good sign.) Bullock plays a looney chick in big boots who stalks cable TV cameraman Bradley Cooper across the country and interacts with enough weird characters along the way that we're apparently supposed to find sweetness mixed in with her all batshit crazy.

No thanks. I've been calling for Sandra Bullock's retirement since 2005 but if you can't give us that Sandy, at least hire someone with a grade nine education to read your scripts for you. And maybe loan the little imp out to Brad Cooper as well. He should know better.

Enough theatre. The DVD of the week is the Last House on the Left remake because it's gruesome. The torture/rape scene is utterly uncomfortable (don't watch it with your mother in law) but that is kind of the point of a rape scene isn't it? The original Wes Craven Last House... was no joke either. Rent 'em both and figure out whether you like the raw voyeurism of the first one or the glossy torture-porn of the remake. Just make sure to lock the door before you hit play.

I'd like to hit play, on Mila Kunis. She really does it for me. I did some research and she was in the greatest movie ever - Gia. Kunis plays the young Gia. Which is like playing a young Angelina. It all makes sense.

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