Pain relief? Lend me your ears! 

Is the secret to pain relief in your ears?

That’s what Les Moncrieff, a registered acupuncturist and detox specialist believes. Moncrieff has been working on the front line with hard-core addicts for over 15 years and has always found it challenging to help them deal with their intense pain.

Always on the lookout for new techniques, he was so impressed with an ear acupuncture method used by NADA (National Acupuncture Detox Association) in the United States, that he went to China years ago to become an acupuncturist, and is now a certified trainer for NADA. But recently, he discovered something he is convinced is even better, something he says can be learned by anyone in a short workshop.

"While in Thailand I was doing a treatment on another acupuncturist for shoulder/neck problems. After a few preliminary treatments, I took some Korean silver pellets, which are normally used on the hands, and for some reason, placed them on active points in his ear instead. Bingo! The results were immediate, and comprehensive."

Since then, Moncrieff has continued to use and develop this technique and is finding it to be incredibly effective for all kinds of pain. "I am routinely using this on my clients for every kind of pain and get the same fast, effective results."

But what about those scary needles we all associate with acupuncture? "The technique does not require needles," says Moncrieff. "In fact, I’m finding the results are often superior to needles, and all you need are these little silver pellets with adhesive on the back."

He also says it’s a method that anyone can quickly learn. "I regularly teach the clients at detox how to treat their chronic problems like migraines. Cheap, simple and quick."

Moncrieff will be teaching a workshop in Whistler on Saturday, Feb. 10 through Mind-Body Fitness (905-4777) and says, "I invite anyone with pain problems to come out. I love the skeptic!"

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