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Where are all the girls in Whistler?

Talk to any guy whose been living in Whistler for a while and he’d say there aren’t enough girls around town.

It’s an infamous lament among single men here.

It’s strange because as a general rule, I’ve found that it’s usually the other way around – too many girls complaining there aren’t enough men in the world.

It was certainly that way among my group of girlfriends when I left Toronto.

Ever since then I’ve been urging them to get out to Whistler because despite what any census report will tell you, that there are fairly equal ratios of men to women in this town, it seems that the fairer sex are nowhere to be found.

Just look at any posse of six men heading to Garf’s on a Thursday night, or the crowd of guys hanging out with a football at the park or the crew lollygaging around the liquor store/Grocery Store.

Where are all the girls in Whistler, they ask?

And I would like to pose that question too.

Girls really are hard to come by in Whistler, whether you’re looking for a date or for some simple, female companionship.

After hanging around boys for the past eight months now, I’ve decided that a good dose of estrogen every once in a while is essential to keep a girl sane.

I long for the day when I can go into a video store, pick out Riding in Cars with Boys (or in fact any Drew Barrymore movie) and not be mocked.

Sometimes, I don’t even get mocked, just a withering stare, followed by a smirk.

The next thing you know, we’re back at home watching Joe Dirt. Or better yet, Pootie Tang (don’t ask, and don’t rent it – that’s two hours of your life you’ll never get back).

And what’s wrong with a little Gilmore Girls, Sex in the City or Felicity every once in a while?

Sure, it’s not great acting but it certainly beats a cartoon James Bond agent running around trying to kill people in a gory video game.

I also long for the time when I can get on my snowboard or mountain bike with a buddy and just cruise along at my own pace.

Instead, I’m subjected to constant suggestions about how I can be better, faster, and more aggressive.

And the worst is pulling up to the group waiting at the bottom of the hill or the end of the trail, forever waiting for me, and me in turn, forever having to apologize.


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