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We'll never know if we don't try

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They're the same old things that we always bitch and moan about. I've done it myself over many a beer on Citta's patio, lamenting the fact that one day we'll have to leave this beautiful place because we just can't afford to live here anymore.

Then the municipality gives us the golden opportunity to stop bitching.

They hand it to us on a platter, complete with cookies and coffee.

They say we have a stake in OUR future here.

We can reverse the trends of monster homes lying empty or trees being sacrificed in the name of development.

We can change the rules, make a difference, and get involved.

We can stop Whistler from turning into an Aspen ghost town with empty storefronts and tumbleweed blowing down the main drag.

We can all continue to prosper here without destroying the very thing that makes us rich.

But isn't that like stopping the natural course of inevitable events, like a giant earthquake or tidal wave?

I think more $10-million homes are on the way. I see them every day. How do you stem the tide of something so monstrous?

I think Whistler will grow and grow despite buildout and caps on bed units.

I think Whistler will become too expensive for the average Joe, forcing out a solid community base and eventually the high prices and the lack of affordable housing will dissuade the seasonal workers from coming too.

I think the environment will be compromised too much and people, who see this place as a way to calm the soul, restore the mind through the natural surroundings, will go somewhere else.

Whistler's success will be confined to the annals of some history book as a short-lived Shangri-La.

Then again, all those thoughts may just be a way to ease my guilty conscience for not doing more to make a difference now.

The community will never reach its full potential unless we at least try to do something. And I guess that's the point that council is trying to make.

We'll never know what we can be and what we can achieve if we don't put our heads together, pool our collective knowledge and rise to the challenge.

I can hear that same sentiment echoed from parents, teachers, and coaches, throughout my life.

We cannot think it's an exercise in futility or else we may as well roll over and play dead now, let nature take its course and shove us out of Whistler.

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