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Resolution time again

I guess now is as good a time as any to dig out last year’s New Year’s resolutions and see what I’ve accomplished for 2002.

Sure, it might be potentially embarrassing but on the flip side, I could have made a few improvements too.

I don’t think it bodes particularly well for me that I can’t remember a single resolution for 2002 off the top of my head.

Luckily though I shared my resolutions publicly in this column last year – this is what sometimes happens when you run out of things to write about and need 900 words on the screen ASAP.

With just a few clicks of the mouse I can cull the Pique’s archives and ta dum.

Ahhh, there they are – the five resolutions I boldly made this time last year.

At that time I wrote that "having them published for all eternity in Pique Newsmagazine might give me some incentive to stick to them this year instead of letting them fall by the wayside, as is often wont to happen."

Well let’s see.

I’ll start with the last one first. It’s an old resolution staple that’s been many of my New Year’s resolutions lists: to learn to cook.

I’m almost positive this one will make the list again this year. Not unless I resign myself to that fact that Nigella Lawson I’m not, nor will ever be.

Let’s see. In 2002 I think it’s fair to say I tried a little harder in the kitchen. True, there was a small unattractive incident with Minute Rice that involved some stamping feet and loud indignation at my inability to follow three simple directions.

On the other hand, I managed to make two batches of jam this summer. The first was a mild success according to one friend. He is of course known to eat pretty much anything but that also makes him my favourite taste tester.

The second batch of freezer jam doesn’t appear to be as much of a success at first whiff.

There’s this pervasive smell of mould that wafts out every time I open a jar. Still I continue to screw the lids back on and put the jars back into the freezer. It at least makes me feel somewhat like Nigella when I see my little jars lined up alongside my black bananas that I swear will become banana bread one day.

I had also pledged to learn another language, preferably Spanish. This one was so close to happening but like many resolutions, it just didn’t pan out. Of course, I could say that I learned another language unto itself since moving to Whistler. This year saw the introduction of brand new words into my vocab. Words like pow, viz, huck and pineapple express were never there before. I truly thought that pineapple express was a joke when I first heard about it.

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