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Pet Psychic Takes A Bite at Reality TV

Well, why not?

They’ve made reality shows about dating a millionaire, about surviving in the Outback, about racing around the world, about becoming the next supermodel or the next pop sensation.

And we couldn’t get enough.

So let’s face it. It was only a matter of time until The Pet Psychic hit the small screen. Yep, that’s a show about a woman who can talk to animals.

The same idea worked for Hugh Lofting when he penned ‘The Story of Doctor Dolittle.’ Later it worked for Eddie Murphy who played Dr. Dolittle in the movie version of the book.

Humans are fascinated by what’s going on inside the heads of our furry, scaly, four-legged and winged companions. I’m the first to admit that at times it seems as though they’re trying to desperately tell us something, if only they could talk.

Well, according to Sonya Fitzpatrick, they can.

Fitzpatrick claims to communicate with dead animals. She even talks to the ones who are living.

She does this every Monday night on her reality TV show The Pet Psychic, which is aired on the digital channel Animal Planet.

But even more surprising than the fact the Fitzpatrick can talk to animals is the fact that people are actually using her to channel conversations with their dead pets.

The TV show goes something like this: desperate owners clutch pictures of their departed pets, Fitzsimmons telepathically communicates with the dead and she then reassures the owners that Fluffy is happy where she is now, Duke isn’t mad he was put down, and Blackie isn’t in pain any longer.

She also has a special connection among living creatures, relaying conversations with pets so that their owners know their likes and dislikes, things that make them uncomfortable or past traumas in their life.

Mind-boggling, when you think about it.

According to the Pet Psychic’s Web site she first discovered in talents when she was a little girl living in England. As her terrier Judy began to get older, Fitzpatrick could feel the dogs’ aches and pains in her own body and by using her hands on Judy’s body she could heal her pain.

Then she discovered that if she really concentrated she could communicate with any animal in the village.

She shut off all animal telepathy channels however after her father killed the family geese for Christmas dinner one year. It was so traumatic that she didn’t talk to the animals again until 1994.

Since then through conversations with mutts, felines, birds and reptiles, she has helped over 3,000 clients.

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