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So I did some research. For people who were determined to look a little deeper into the issues, there was no shortage of editorials and articles out there offering a vastly different view of events – including some historical facts and nuances that the mainstream media were avoiding out of fear of being branded as traitors by an administration and public that was out for revenge.

In my humble opinion – and I like to think it’s an educated opinion after two years of reading and research – almost everything that has happened since Sept. 11 is an affront to the memory of the victims.

Just as hundreds of relatives of 9/11 victims gathered to protest the war in Iraq chanting the slogan "Not In My Name", I also question how the war on terror does anything to honour the fallen and break the circle of violence that’s spinning out of control.

Somewhere between five and eight times as many innocent civilians have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq as died on Sept. 11. Are their lives somehow worth less than the dead in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania?

Two years of war haven’t made a dent in terror. Osama bin Laden is still at large and sending regular messages to a growing legion of followers. Terrorists are more active in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Israel, Iraq and around the globe since the War on Terror began.

Meanwhile, governments and regimes around the world have embraced the American War on Terror (WoT) as a justification to crack down on dissidents in their own countries. Israel is using the WoT to crack down on Palestinians. Saudi leaders are using the WoT to keep their corrupt monarchy in power, stifling dissent in that nation. The Columbian government is using WoT to crack down on the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Columbia. Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar is using WoT to crack down on Basque separatists. Turkey is using WoT to crack down on Kurds. The Russians are using WoT to crack down on the Chechens. The Indonesian government is using the WoT to crack down on the Free Aceh Movement. The Phillipines are using WoT to take out Islamic separatists in the southern Moro region. Mexican President Vincente Fox is using the WoT to battle the Zapatistas. Even the Chinese government has gotten into the swing of things, using WoT to justify actions against Falun Gong and Tibet.

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