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Summer holidays in a Prairie city

My first holiday of the summer, a four-day jaunt out of town for a friend’s wedding, is fast approaching and my stress level is on the rise.

Why is it that getting ready for a holiday, be it for four days or four weeks, seems to be so stressful that it’s almost not worth taking time off in the first place?

Is it possible that I think I’m too busy to take summer holidays?

That’s a sad and pathetic commentary on my life but I’ll save that thought for another time.

I simply don’t have time right now to think about the bigger picture when my list of things to do is more than a page long and it just keeps getting longer.

There’s all the laundry and the dry cleaning, the house that needs to get cleaned, the recycling that should taken to the depot before we go, the movie that should go back and the knapsacks that need to be pulled out from the crawl space.

Wedding shoes need to get shined, the plane tickets need to be taken care of (I’m still not 100 per cent sure if this is ticketless travel) and of course there’s the small matter of the wedding present that has yet to be addressed.

Because it’s a wedding I also have a whole host of grooming details that must be attended to as well.

I have a general theory that if my feet are going to suffer in heels for eight hours during the wedding, they should at least look good and so a pedicure is an essential part of my pre-wedding routine.

A haircut would be nice with perhaps a few highlights and of course, I’ll need to make a quick pit stop at the Mystic Tan just to get that healthy summer-kissed glow from the fake spray tan.

I realize there’s a certain irony in that but when your legs are as ghostly white as mine you tend not to worry too much about the irony.

The Mystic Tan also does a great job in covering all the bruises and welts on my legs from my recent mountain biking mishaps.

Getting ready for a wedding is one of the only times I get a little girlie – some may say that I tend to go a little overboard.

But I digress.

That list alone could keep me busy over the next three days. But there’s also the issue of interviews and articles that need to get done, emails that still need to be answered and phone calls returned.


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