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Biological clock gets temporarily louder

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Can you guess what’s making that noise?

Let me give you a few clues. I’m fast approaching 30 and I was at a baby shower last weekend.

It should be crystal clear by now what’s making the noise.

Clearly, that ticking and tocking is the sound of my biological clock.

Oh, that other sound that you hear is my boyfriend bolting for the hills but now that he’s no longer reading, and presumably has left town, I can wax on about motherhood and this biological clock that just keeps getting louder.

Long dead, my biological clock reared its ugly head as soon as the first little baby sleeper was unwrapped last Sunday afternoon.

You can’t even imagine what the woolen booties did to me.

And the handmade baby soap from the Sunshine Coast that smelled just like the top of a baby’s head almost put me over the edge.

I want one – a baby that is, not so much the soap.

Just as a good wedding makes you think the words "settling down" aren’t so bad after all, a good baby shower shifts those maternal urges into high gear.

After all, you get to wash the baby in lovely baby soap, wrap it in soft cozy blankets, shower it with kisses on its bald misshapen head and, best of all, dress it up in those booties!

It just looks like so much fun.

So, I got to thinking about it. How would I cope if a baby suddenly became a part of my life?

And so I tried to imagine the baby factor squeezed into my last weekend just to see how much fun it would be.

Last Saturday I was down in the city with a few friends and our ultimate goal was to go sea kayaking in Deep Cove and watch the fireworks at night.

So the day started off with lunch in one of those small trendy downtown restaurants where the tables are all crammed together and the milkshakes cost $6.

I don’t know how we could have squeezed a baby chair or a stroller or any kind of baby contraption into that restaurant. More importantly, I don’t think a baby, with all its potential for screaming and crying and smelling, would have been all that welcome in this restaurant.

Lunch was followed by a mad dash across the city to do a few shopping errands (namely, pick up the baby shower gift). Fortunately we knew what we needed. We jumped out of the car, ran into the store, debated briefly on the merits of the gift, paid for it and then ran back to the car.

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