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Belated Australia Day special

Last year I informed you about the significance of Australia Day and why Australians celebrate it. This year I’d like to explore the differences and similarities between Australians and Canadians.

I’ll also go through the lingo so you too can be an Aussie larrikan.

(From hence forth, Australians will be A’s and Canadians will be C’s.)

A’s and C’s are both good travellers and therefore if the situation calls for it we can usually hold a conversation about… say, how good the beer is at Oktoberfest in Munich.

A’s say "What do you reckon?" or "What’s doing?" C’s say "How’s it going?"

A’s call sweaters and pullovers, jumpers.

A’s use the word "heaps", as in "we’ve had heaps of rain this year."

A’s call a couch or a sofa, a lounge.

A’s drive and walk up stairs on the lefts hand side, C’s use the right side.

A’s call men "blokes" and women "sheilas" but they have to be very careful who they call a sheila.

A’s say "fair dinkum"; C’s say "right on."

A’s say "G’day", C’s say "hello" or "salut."

A’s are generally funny and loud, but never as loud as the yanks. C’s are funny but rarely loud.

A’s buy utes, not trucks.

A ute is a utility vehicle i.e. a car with a tray on the back. In Canada you call these vehicles trucks, but you also call semi-trailers trucks so there is some confusion. Kill the confusion and start calling your "sick" trucks, UTES.

A’s are laid back, but not calm.

There’s a difference, and you can normally notice it when A’s and C’s are watching sport. C’s only get fired up about hockey but A’s get excited over just about anything.

To use a crude and more unrealistic example… if somebody dropped a bomb on Sydney, A’s would be pretty laid back about finding the crook that did it and pulling their arms off.

If somebody dropped a bomb on Toronto, Canadians would be annoyed but there would be a lot of people who’d just shrug their shoulders and head back to the farm until the situation could be handled calmly.

If somebody dropped a bomb on New York then the yanks would probably come up with another plan to invade an "evil" country that had nothing do to with it in the name of "freedom" and "democracy".

Both A’s and C’s methods have their merits but it’s easy to see why C’s are renowned for being peacekeepers. When you really look into it, it’s also easy to see why other countries might interpret this position as being weak.

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