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Wedding bell angst


I’m not kicking any more bad habits for the New Year because otherwise I’d be no fun at all. Still, there’s no denying that this is a life-altering year for me – I’m getting married on April 29!

Because we wanted to tie the knot in Whistler, my future bride and I (I will do anything to avoid using the word "fiancé") figured it would be better to wait until after all the seasonal ruckus and prices had calmed down, and picked the weekend after the World Ski and Snowboard Festival.

It’s the perfect time – there’s still a lot of snow up top for people coming from places like Ontario and California that want to ski, and the valley is clear of snow so I don’t have to worry about my grandmother slipping on some ice and breaking her hip (again). The lower trails are also clear so some of our more energetic guests will be able to get in some running, hiking and mountain biking.

Of course, there’s an even better chance that it will be raining all day, every day. In fact, we’re pretty much planning our wedding around the rain in the hope we can be pleasantly surprised.

I have to admit I’m a little nervous about this whole thing – not in a cold feet kind of way, I’m quite sure I’ve hit the jackpot there – but because of the wedding itself.

For one, I don’t like getting my picture taken, mostly because I don’t take good pictures. The picture that runs with this column is almost four years old now and I had to get our production department to digitally trim off a tuft of hair that was sticking up on the back of my head. It was the best picture I could find, even after I spent 20 minutes with a professional photographer.

It takes my face exactly 0.5 seconds to go from a genuine smile to a pained-looking fake smile/grimace, and most photographers take longer than that to click the shutter. And from what I’ve seen I can probably expect at least an hour of photo time with my bride, our families, and our wedding parties – not to mention the first dance, the cake cutting, the speeches, and so on.

I’m seriously going to have to practice getting my picture taken between now and April.

I’m also nervous about being a centre of attention for an entire day, especially when there’s food involved. I can use simple tools, like a knife and fork and even chopsticks, but I haven’t quite figured out how to get food from plate to mouth without getting some of it on my shirt.


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