Q&A with a real live hypnotist 

Hypnotist Wayne Lee has tried everything from teaching to wrestling, even acting. These days he makes people dance, howl and speak in tongues but, most importantly, he makes them laugh.

Pique: What characteristics do people reveal when under hypnosis?

WL: They reveal their fears and inhibitions. It’s a trust state where you get to relax and you have an emotional desire to follow the suggestions. It’s a high state of focus where people relax their mind and body. Meditation with concentration.

Pique: How long does it last?

WL: The show goes for two hours so they’ll be in that state the whole time but at certain times your mind is not as focused or into it as deep, but they’ll be in that state of hypnosis, even in the intermission of the show.

Pique: What type of people are best for your show?

WL: A person that’s willing and wants to be hypnotized is the best, and anybody who has great imagination. But everyone does, they just need to use it.

Pique: Does it work on everyone?

WL: It can work on everybody but sometimes it won’t work for people in the time given because they may expect the wrong thing to happen, or they may just need a bit more time to get into it. So hypothetically out of a group of 15 maybe seven will stay.

Pique: Is it true that some people never snap out of it once they’ve been hypnotized?

WL No, that’s a fallacy. It’s really something where they have complete control.

Pique: What other myths are there about hypnosis?

WL: The belief that it is sleep. It’s definitely not sleep – people are still aware of what they are doing, they just don’t care. Your conscious mind tells you what’s true and what’s not, and when you relax that conscious mind you tap into the inner consciousness.

Pique: Have people ever committed crimes when under hypnosis and blamed it for their actions?

WL: Another myth is that people can be controlled under hypnosis and do everything the hypnotist asks, in fact people only do what their mind allows them to do in terms of their moral beliefs.

Pique: Can it make people fall in love?

WL: There’s certain things you can do to communicate with somebody that will influence them, but people still have their own minds.

Pique: Can it help you quit bad habits like smoking, drinking or gambling?

WL: Sure it can, people generally know what they should do in life, they just don’t feel like doing it. What hypnosis does is it changes your associations, so you create an emotional awareness to stop it.

See Wayne Lee at Buffalo Bill’s on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 15 to 16.

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