Sea to Sky runners flock to Vancouver Sun Run 

The decision to delay the annual Vancouver Sun Run to give the city some breathing room after hosting the 2010 Games didn't impact the field in the slightest, with almost 52,000 people turning out on Mother's Day to run, walk or wheel a 10 km course around downtown.

Sea to Sky runners flocked to the race as usual, with more than 80 runners and walkers from Whistler alone. Because of space limitation Pique can only list runners to break the one-hour mark, but complete results are available at

The fastest time this year was posted by professional runner Kip Kangogo - formerly of Kenya and now of Alberta - who completed the course in 29:02. Eric Gills was the top Canadian in 29:05.

The top female this year was Malindi Elmore of Kelowna, who completed the race in 33:06. Kristina Rody, formerly of Whistler, placed fourth overall among women and second in the women's 30 to 34 age category in 34:40.

Over half the Whistler runners made it into the top 10,000, and finished in under an hour.

The top Whistler runner was Daniel Irvine, who placed 160 th overall in 36:51.

John Block broke the 40-minute mark in 283 rd place with a time of 39.34.

Also cracking the one-hour mark were Daniel Havens, 447 th in 41:01; Claire Daniels was 692 nd in 42:45; Mark Schmidt 855 th in 43:36; Kyle Mullis 871 st in 43:42; Scott Brammer 976 th in 44:30; Cristina McKean 1,328 th in 45:26; Nancy MacConnachie 1,519 th in 45:59; William Huckvale 1,930 th in 47:07; Donato Decotiis was 2,617 th in 48:40; Daryl West 2,807 th in 49:04; Claire Piech 3,039 th in 49:31; Rick Valleau 3,045 th in 49:32; Kailey Dosman 3,939 th in 51:09; Peter Stanley 4,263 rd in 51:37; Benjamin Thornhill 4,665 th in 52:19; Maria Luz Darquier 4,889 th in 52:40; Shawn Beaudoin 4,915 th in 52:41; Dwayne Rivet 4,945 th in 52:44; Jorge Alvarez 5,151 st in 53:04; Andrea Dodd 5,808 th in 53:57; Donnie Carmichael 5,854 th in 54:00; Frances Wiseman 6,102 nd in 54:21; Taylor Freeman 6,161 st in 54:24; Linda Sambell 6,349 th in 54:40; Allison Harriman 6,517 th in 54:51; Elizabeth Rogerson 6,532 nd in 54:53; Grace Blok 6,576 th in 54:56; Jemma Gibson 7,192 nd in 55:44; Jonathan Decaigny 7,670 th in 56:17; Chris Koster was 7,977 th in 56:36; Mehmood Hassan was 8,084 th in 56:43; Jean-Sebastein Carmel was 8,334 th in 57:06; Christopher Den Tandt was 8,823 rd in 57:32; Dori Faulkner was 8,856 th in 57:35; Jannie Grobler was 8,952 nd in 57:41; Libby Burrell was 8,959 th in 57:41; Theresa Oswald was 9,446 th in 58:13; Mayumi Enokimura was 9,638 th in 58:26; Holly Janenko was 9,663 rd in 58:28; Nicole Parrish was 9,669 th in 58:28; and Patrick McCurdy was 10,682 nd in 59:31. Lindsey Ataya did not receive a posted time, but finished under 49 minutes.

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