Some festival-going advice from the Trailer Park Boys 

Ricky, Bubbles and Julian will be appearing at the Pemberton Music Festival, July 16 to 20

click to enlarge COUNTDOWN TO LIQUOR DAY The Trailer Park Boys are all set for their appearance at the Pemberton Music Festival, July 16 to 20, and have even stolen... err, borrowed an RV for the long drive from Sunnyvale to the Spud Valley.
  • COUNTDOWN TO LIQUOR DAY The Trailer Park Boys are all set for their appearance at the Pemberton Music Festival, July 16 to 20, and have even stolen... err, borrowed an RV for the long drive from Sunnyvale to the Spud Valley.

The Boys are back.

Sunnyvale Trailer Park's most infamous residents haven't been on the radar for quite some time. But that doesn't mean Ricky, Bubbles and Julian haven't been busy — those pepperoni sticks aren't gonna eat themselves after all — and they were gracious enough to take some time between prison stints and rolling joints to speak about their appearance at this month's Pemberton Music Festival, the return of their hit series, Trailer Park Boys, and sweaty underwear.

The following interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Pique: We haven't heard from you guys in a while. What have you been up to?

Ricky: It's been quite a time. I've actually started growing more than I've ever growed in my entire life — I insulated my entire trailer with dope, so I'm pretty much retired.

Pique: How does your weed compare to the B.C. Bud the West Coast is so known for?

R: It's pretty much as good. Everyone's saying it's the best they've ever smoked, so.

Pique: Tell us what's in store with the return of Trailer Park Boys to Netflix this fall?

Bubbles: There's all kinds of stuff. I think, depending on how they chop it up or whatever they call it, it's probably gonna make Ricky look pretty stupid if they chuck together all his dumb things in a row.

R: They better not!

Pique: Aren't you guys tired of people following you around with cameras by now?

B: Me and Ricky were, but Julian kinda insisted on it because he thinks he's Clint Eastwood.

Julian: I don't think I'm Clint Eastwood, by the way.

Pique: Switching gears here for a second, who are you guys excited to see at the Pemberton Music Festival?

R: Geez, there's all kinds of bands — Nine Inch Nails, Snoop Dogg, Rebelution.

B: I can't wait to see Randy Newman! Randy Newman and Blondie — Flaming Lips, too!

Pique: Do you guys plan on partying backstage with anyone particular?

R: I hope so, man. I wanna smoke with that guy, Snoop Dogg. Same with Gord Downie, I wanna get banged up with him again. I can't wait.

Pique: What about J-Roc? Is he coming to show off those famous rap skills?

B: He's got a new business running and he's just developing that right now. He's getting into making his own liquor brand, Roc Vodka. I don't think there's anything special about it. He thinks he's kinda like Puff Daddy or Jay Z now, ya know?

Pique: What advice do you have for all the people attending the festival?

J: The best tip I can give ya: You gotta pace yourself ... Don't drink like Lahey.

Pique: So are you driving here in Ricky's car? I don't think you're allowed to camp in your car...

R: We actually just borrowed — well, some people call it borrowed, some people may consider it stealing — but we just got an RV anyway and we're going to drive out in that.

Pique: What are some of the supplies you're bringing with you?

R: Well I just found out it's about an 80-hour drive and I thought it was only an 18-hour drive, so I definitely didn't roll enough canons. But it's got a table, so while Bubbles is driving I'm gonna definitely adjust the numbers.

B: I'm bringin' lots of socks and underwear — like 50 pairs of each.

Pique: You have to stay fresh.

B: You gotta stay fresh, you might get sweaty! I'm gonna be dancin' 'fer sure. Deadmau5 is playing and I'm gonna get right out of 'er. I'll be dancin', I'll probably go through five, 10 pairs of underwear just on Deadmau5 alone.

Pique: Anything else to add?

B: We're gonna be out there with the people that come with the cameras and make our show. They're called SwearNet, and they're gonna be comin' with us and we're gonna be going around interviewing and talking to people in the crowd, so if you see us with the SwearNet people, make sure you get nice and banged up.

The Trailer Park Boys will be onstage at the Pemberton Music Festival on Sunday, July 20. Visit for more information.


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