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Re: “How to be a good restaurant guest

The Spangler
"How to be a good restaurant guest : Do not be a person like Springs Doe"

Being HONEST YOU SHOULD BE LIKE ME! WHY would you want to ****LIE*****, HUH?

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Posted by Springs Doe on 04/10/2018 at 5:43 PM

Re: “How to be a good restaurant guest

"Wow....CANNOT imagine dealing with someone as negative as springs doe on the daily, shoutout to her husband! #youtherealmvp"

Because I told the truth, it's somehow "NEGATIVE", WHY do you feel that way, huh STUPID IDIOT?

"Seems like all the article is asking for is basic manners, should be pretty easy :)"

NO, it seems like this person that wrote the article is A LIAR and SELFISH, because THEY ARE LYING! WHY can't you accept HONESTY, HUH?

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Posted by Springs Doe on 04/06/2018 at 3:50 PM

Re: “How to be a good restaurant guest

"A polite word with a manager about your experience will have a bigger impact, anyway."

Some managers don't care, so NO, I don't agree with that by a LONNNNGGG SHOT. One manager said to me "I'm not going to give 2 tables bad service." At least he admitted we(me and my husband) got bad service, but he sided with the cutting waitress that made us wait 10 minutes to get to get our check and ring it up for another couple to have their drinks and food orders taken before we were able to leave. A lot of managers are assholes and don't give a care. Especially if you have an issue and it's only just you with the issue, they don't fix the issue for you. They don't care.

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Posted by Springs Doe on 04/05/2018 at 6:48 PM

Re: “How to be a good restaurant guest

"Most servers I know do their absolute best to get you fed and watered as efficiently as they can. "

Actually that is *******************SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT TRUE*************** AND YOU KNOW IT! MOST ARE LAZY. Here are some reasons why:

1. At times even not write your order down.

2. Not write *ALL* request down(refills, bags, box, etc.)

3. Not compare their written orders or tickets/computer screen orders to the food for obvious errors.

4. Not compare the menu prices to the check prices to make sure the customers aren't overcharged.

5. Not verify the amount they are even charging you(has happened a few times where the server hands us the wrong amount charged on the credit card along with the check that has the correct amount).

6. Some don't go in the order in which request came in because they are too lazy to do so(like make 2 trips to bring soft drinks and then when the bar drinks is ready make another trip for that is what they should do, but some don't).

7. I have had 4 or 5 servers tell me "You might have to remind me" because they were too lazy to write my order down and reread their written order.

8. **Auction off drinks**(I just recently had a waitress do this to just me and my husband, seriously, TWO PEOPLE she was too lazy to get her written order out). Not my job to tell you what I had once you left the table. LAZY, LAZY, LAZY that is. You should know I had dr. pepper for example. I shouldnt have to tell you again and again.

9. A lot of servers dont go put in the order after getting it if they are double or triple sat making the 1st table wait 5-10 extra minutes for their food because they are TOO LAZY to make extra trips to the computer.

Most servers are lazy. They don't check things they give you. They CONSTANTLY BLAME the kitchen.

Here's a post in a thread from a former cook, read and weep:


Pepsi-Man5 said:

"As a former cook in several different restaurants.... waiters and waitresses are a dime a dozen, and most of them are completely stupid, self-centered, lazy, and couldn't care less about how the people at their tables are doing. They complain about people at the tables all of the time. ALL of the time. Even if you are at a restaurant, and your waitress walks away from the table and you stop and think, wow, my waitress is really nice. NO, she is in the back cussing you out to us at that exact moment that you are thinking otherwise. And don't think, no, not my server... YES, your server too. They don't like helping other servers. They despise having to sing happy birthday. They hate covering other server's tables while they take a break. They hate to clean and try to pay other servers to clean their sections for them so that they don't have to. And all they think about is money. Seriously. If you don't tip them high enough, they will complain about you for weeks. They may be nice and friendly to your face at the table, but they hate you. Sometimes when your food comes out wrong, it's the cook's fault. Most of the time, it's the server's fault. They constantly take food to the wrong tables. They constantly forget to ring in your order, so your food comes out late to you, but to the cooks it came out on time. But they will blame the cooks for it tho, hoping you will be forgiving of them and still tip them well. Sometimes, they forget to ring in your food, but some other table ordered some of the same plates, so they will take those plates to your table because they are done. And all that does is cause your table to only get half of the food they ordered. Meanwhile, the people who actually ordered those plates now have to wait longer because another server screwed them over. But the server who took those plates don't care that they screwed over a coworker, as they only care about thier own tips, not others. Servers cause way too much mayhem in restaurants, complain way too much, about everything. And they get hired off of the street with no training what so ever. The cooks have their issues too. But not nearly as many as the waiters/waitresses do. In the many restuarants that i've worked in, and the thousands of waiters or servers that i've worked with, i can honestly say that I've only seen a small, small handful of people who are actually good at it in every way. Like, maybe 10-20 people total, seriously. Out of literally a couple thousand. The rest are god awful.Thank god I don't work in restuarants anymore."

ALL of this is *********THE GOD'S **HONEST TRUTH*** and YOU KNOW IT!

Most servers do the VERY LEAST for their money.

I have had servers WALK AWAY WHILE*(YES WHILE) I AM ASKING FOR A LIST OF THINGS. They don't want to DO*******ALL OF THAT**********! I had a waitress FOR REAL say I quote "I didn't put it on the ticket because the food runners don't read the tickets" when I only added a side of ranch to an appetizer. THAT'S how ************VERY LAZY SHE WAS********. Also, she was walking away I could BARELY say I wanted ranch with it. Also, at the end, we asked for refills to-go, she asks my husband what he had when it was on the check what drinks we had ordered, but she was too lazy not only to not WRITE THEM DOWN in the first place, but she had STILL A **WAY** of verifying it when she went to print out the check, because at this restaurant, it had actually listed if you had coke or not, not just a "cold beverage", but actually listed what he ordered. That's how LAZY she was.

WHY are servers asking what drinks we had and not writing them down? THEY ARE LAZY and ARE TRULY NOT ******AT ALL TRYING THEIR BEST*********.

WHY do you want to LIE to the public, huh?

I have had servers say "the kitchen forgot" when I had condiments forgotten before and that's not true, ******THEY********** FORGOT to bring it from the kitchen or maybe even never rung it up to begin with.

I have had servers say "Oh the bacon is crispy" when I order it crispy simply because they don't want to do the extra step of putting in the order with the word crispy. Then I send it back and they have LOTS more work. It's RIDICULOUS!

I don't know ONE server that compares the check to the menu prices, do you? Truly, checking 2-4 prices only takes less than a minute of time HONESTLY. I have timed it. Most of the time I am in a party of 2 and the servers are that lazy to not check the check. Most are selfish, uncaring, and lazy just like the cook said. It's the TRUTH!

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Posted by Springs Doe on 04/05/2018 at 6:44 PM

Re: “How to be a good restaurant guest

"it's still unfair to expect them to spend their income paying to serve you. "

IT IS FAIR if YOU GAVE SHITTY SERVICE, SURE IS! You give what you get. If you gave me excellent service you can get 25%-30% or more. If you gave me shitty service, you get ZERO and a talk with the manager. You won't ******LEARN****** unless your money suffers. That's HOW YOU LEARN, otherwise, WHY would you have any REASON or INCENTIVE to change your ways, huh?

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Posted by Springs Doe on 04/05/2018 at 6:42 PM

Re: “How to be a good restaurant guest

"Also, if you have a discount or locals' card, let your server know before they bring over the bill."

That means don't bring the check without asking first, DUHH!

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Posted by Springs Doe on 04/05/2018 at 6:40 PM

Re: “How to be a good restaurant guest

"If you see me talking to another table, please don't wave at me frantically, interrupt me, or snap your fingers. "

Same goes for the customer that if it's OUR TURN, DON'T INTERRUPT OUR TURN to do someone else's turn. That means go in the order in which request come in. Don't go get 3 other drinks for table 3 if we just ordered 2. Make 2 trips so you don't take up our time away from us to do theirs. Make them wait their turn, just as **YOU*** say you want us to interrupt you while you are with other customer's turns, SAME THING! IT'S A 2-WAY STREET!

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Posted by Springs Doe on 04/05/2018 at 6:40 PM

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