SuperGARAGE, coming to you direct from the back of the van 


WHERE: The Boot

WHEN: Sunday, July 29

After an EP and two LPs, opening for the likes of Matthew Good and The Headstones, winning major kudos (and a good chunk of cash) from Yahoo! and BMG, superGARAGE finds itself in the thick of a national summer road tour… somewhere between Saskatoon and Edmonton to be exact. Trapped in a minivan for hours on end, the cell phone their only contact with the rest of the world, the boys were more than anxious to talk about writing, women… and cats?

Pique : There are a lot of songs on your albums directly about or mentioning girls, but they don’t seem very happy.

Marco : (laughs) Would I write if I were happy?

Pique : Are you unlucky in love?

Marco : It’s simpler, it’s easier, it’s more motivated, when it’s like that.

Pique : When it’s sour? Have you had a lot of girls break your heart?

Marco: Uhhh, well I guess there have been a few.

Pique : How about now?

Marco : Oh no, I’ve been in a healthy relationship for about a year. And I haven’t written a song since! (laughs)

Pique : I had the women in the office to take a read through the lyrics and look at the cover of your latest CD , Demolition (depicting a cartoon female, holding her very ample bosom), and several of them said, "Guys, like that are messed up."

Marco : Yeah, well it was actually supposed to be a mocking of a Maxim magazine, but no one ever got the joke. It was supposed to be based on the idea that you could just put a girl on the cover, have her doing something really lewd, and then all of a sudden you could sell your magazines. That’s what we were trying to do but no one seems to get it. Some are getting offended and others are loving it.

Pique : And has it been selling a lot of CDs?

Marco : It’s been doing fine. It’s independent, so our expectations are what they are.

Pique : On a more serious note, the song Grand Designs is pretty dark. It’s about suicide.

Marco : That one is more of a dream sequence. You know when you have these dreams that don’t make absolute sense, I’m talking about that. But I’m sure a lot of people take it that way.

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