Supersuckers return to Whistler 

Hold onto your pants, frontman Eddie Spaghetti says, because they plan to rock them off

click to enlarge hard rock Seattle's Supersuckers are set to make their Whistler comeback at the GLC on May 25.  					             PhotO sUBMITTED
  • hard rock Seattle's Supersuckers are set to make their Whistler comeback at the GLC on May 25. PhotO sUBMITTED

Eddie Spaghetti is not happy about the current state of rock 'n' roll.

"Nothing has floated my boat in a while," the Supersuckers' frontman says from Seattle, ahead of an extensive tour. "The last thing that did is this totally obscure band that nobody has heard of. I don't know why nobody has heard about them."

They're called Death Writers, he adds. (A quick Google search turned up no extra info.) "It's a dumb name, but they made a really, really great record."

Maybe it's the shift in mainstream popularity from guitars to electronic bleepity bloops. Or maybe they just don't make them like the used to, but the decline of rockers is just more fodder for Supersuckers' fire.

The long running act has put out well over a dozen albums since forming in the early '90s and signing to the then-burgeoning Seattle indie label Sub Pop. Now, Spaghetti says, they're ready to return to their rock roots with a new album, slated for release early next year.

"It's going to be like (2003 album) Motherf*ckers Be Trippin," he says. "It will be a little harder hitting than our last record. Not that there was anything wrong with our last record. We're just going to regress a little bit."

That release, 2008's Get It Together, only began to resonate with fans recently, he adds. "At the shows and the online chatter wasn't positive," Spaghetti says. "Now of course everyone likes it. When we put out our country record it was really poorly received and now it's one of people's favourites. We're a little bit ahead of our fans. It makes it hard when we're trying to do something great. You just have to say, 'Well, give it a year.'"

The band plans to meet up in Austin this summer to record the forthcoming album. The rough songs, which were passed electronically to band members who have since moved from the Pacific Northwest around the country, are almost finished, he adds. "We'll record about 14 or so," Spaghetti says. "We'll hash out a few details on this road trip."

That jaunt is a cross-Canada tour that will take them from Victoria to Toronto — including a stop in Whistler at the GLC May 25 — through the rest of May and June. "We're getting ready," he says. "We leave tomorrow and everybody is packing up their crap and saying good bye to their families. Most of (the tour) is in Canada. We haven't been there in a while. It's a pain in the ass to cross the border."

On top of the band journey and new album, Spaghetti is also releasing a solo album next month. "It's just fun for me to get to do that," he says. "I'm always making up songs. I'll definitely do some touring on my own after this."

In the meantime, Whistler crowds can expect a good ol' fashion rock show. Spaghetti advises: "Crowds need to wear their clean underwear because we're going to rock their pants off."

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