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Trailer Park Boys characters to perform at Black's on Valentine's Day

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In this year of our lord 2012, it's practically treasonous to have ignored the Trailer Park Boys this long. The series, which ran from 2001 to 2007 on Showcase and spawned two feature-length films, is one of the most successful Canada has ever produced. For good or ill, the shenanigans of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles have a special place in this country's cultural sphere, and it's something everyone is just going to have to live with.

The show's primary antagonists, Jim Lahey, the alcoholic party-pooper superintendent of Sunnyvale Trailer Park, and his sidekick/lover, the cheeseburger-addicted Randy are coming to Whistler for a round of stand-up shenanigans, a little song singing, possibly some Shakespeare and a lot of general foolishness.

Pique caught up with Mr. Lahey and Randy, known in real life as John Dunsworth and Pat Roach, while on the road for the first day of their cross-B.C. tour to discuss the international success of the show, the follies of rock and roll and about giving up cheeseburgers for dry, butter-less toast. Enjoy.

Pique: Was this a type of show you ever thought you'd be a part of?

John Dunsworth: No, I used to teach my students not to use bathroom humour because it was the lowest form of humour and here I am talking about shit all the time.

Pique: It's going on five years since the show ended. What do you think about the show now, looking back at the success of it?

JD: Well, I'm hoping we're going to do some more.

Pique: Are more episodes in the works?

JD: Everyone keeps their cards real close to their chest so I'm not going to show you my hand. I just hope. Actually, I do Hope. I'm in Hope right now.

I'm doing another series right now called Haven, which is on Showcase, and we're going into our third year. I've been doing lots of acting in films and specials with Jonathan Torrens. I worked with Michelle Williams last year, I worked with a lot of really great actors, world famous people in my life and I feel very fortunate for the whole thing. Randy and I are touring because it's so much fun and we make a little bit of money. Not a lot but it's like a vacation.

Pique: So are you touring just for the fun of it then?

JD: I'll put it to you this way. Can you imagine going to London, England, and playing in the O2 and then living on a double decker bus for a week and going all over Scotland, and then going to Dublin and then having a packed house everywhere you go. People are laughing their heads off and you're getting paid to do that.

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