The Best of Whistler 2000 

The people have voted, the votes have been counted, the appeals have been heard and the judges have ruled.

George W. Bush did not win this year’s Best of Whistler contest. Neither did Al Gore. But we now know where they should go for oysters, or to get their bike fixed, or to hear what people are saying about them.


Place to hear gossip

It’s not called village chat for nothing – Whistler thrives on parochial prattle and the prime places to steal savoury snippets of small town trivia range from the traditional women’s washrooms, hair salons and places of work to lift lines, gondolas and staff housing.

But, for the year 2000, the number-one place to hear chit-chat was Citta’ followed by bus shelters and locals’ locales: the Cookie Co. and Tapley’s. Sadly, the town will talk no more at the Cookie Co.

Public place to be during a blizzard

Shelter is apparently not what most Whistlerites are after in a white-out. Granted, there were votes for cozy corners in pubs and coffee shops but the vote for the best place to be in a blizzard goes to various areas of exposed mountain terrain. The second most popular choice was the Crystal Hut followed by the Cinnamon Bear.

The Chateau’s Mallard Lounge garnered several mentions as did the Whistler Public Library and the Meadow Park Sports Centre.

Place to spend the last $10 in your savings account

The liquor store is where most would chose to scrape the bottom of the savings barrel. Next in line is The Boot on Mondays, the day locals can get their booze at value.

It was the Golden Arches in the Marketplace, however, that earned third spot as the best place to eke out the last of hard-won pennies.

Most extreme Whistler thing to do

If extreme implies facing up to a challenge with guts, then finding accommodation in the resort certainly qualifies. Looking for housing was voted as the most burly of Whistler activities, followed by heli-skiing and trying to save money.

Vying for third place were a variety of risky activities, all with sexual undertones. Engaging in unprotected sex had the edge on skiing naked as an extreme pastime. Also considered daring were dating anyone, dating city girls and, okay, this may be more desperate than extreme, dancing topless at Tapley's.

Best use of public money

There was some confusion in this category. Either that or some of the projects nominated for best use of public money were also picked by others as being examples of the worst use of common cash.

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