The Best of Whistler 2001 

Quintessential Whistler

Best place to spend your last $10

If the last few bucks of a pay cheque have to go somewhere, most people in Whistler would opt for them to go down their throats. Booze was rated the best way of drowning a bank account. The Liquor Store got the top votes in this category, with various bars also getting a mention.

Some of the hungrier respondents chose to spend their pennies on food, with IGA and Nesters coming high on the list.

One chronic voter said the best way to part with $10 was to buy a dime bag, which at least solves the problem of change.

Most extreme Whistler thing to do

Some things that most Canadians take for granted can be considered extreme in Whistler. Things like trying to save money, finding a place to rent, finding the funds to pay for that rent, doing laundry, sleeping and even simply surviving were voted some of the most extreme things to do here.

While a lot of sports activities also got a mention, especially heli-trips, Whistlerites do other extreme things without a mountain bike, skis, a snowmobile, snowboard or... clothes.

Doing things naked got a lot of votes as the most extreme thing to do – partying naked, celebrating Aussie Day naked, skiing down 7 th Heaven naked, partying at the Pimp and Ho naked, swimming in Green Lake naked. And while you don't have to necessarily be naked to do it, having sex in the gondola was also considered an extreme pastime.

Best use of public funds

Maybe it's because they spread the holiday glow but the Christmas lights in the village tied for first place here with Millennium Place. Tying for second place was the library and the skate park. After that, everyone had a different opinion about the best way to empty the public purse – votes went to Wave, snowplows, bear proofing the garbage cans and the public bathrooms around town, among many others.

Worst use of public funds

If people had various opinions about the good things that the muni did with its coin this year, you can bet they had a wide range of opinions about the worst things that they did, too.

For the most part, voters were not terribly impressed with the money that was spent on gates separating the neighbourhoods. In addition, more people saw Millennium Place as a bad way of emptying the public coffers rather than a good way. The river at the Brew House, the Olympic Bid and paving the day lots all got the thumbs down.

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