The Best of Whistler 2003 

The people have spoken

While taking democracy to parts of the world that have little experience with the concept was a focal point of 2003 for some people, Whistlerites once again exercised their democratic freedom and voted for what they think is best - the best of Whistler.

They voted in 78 categories for what they like and don't like; their favourite people and a few of their favourite things. The results, as with most votes, can be interpreted in many ways, but they can not be disputed. The people have spoken.

Quintessential Whistler

Best place to spend the last $10 in your savings account

There's nothing worse than getting down to the last 10 bucks in your so-called savings account with payday still miles away. Many in Whistler can relate; this is an expensive town. And yet, we're a practical bunch. Instead of squandering the money on frivolous treats, the top place to hand over your life savings is at Nesters - "where the locals shop." They shop there because they're looking to stretch that last $10 just as far as it will go.

Groceries don't cut it for everyone though and liquid nourishment came in a close second, with the Liquor Store as the second best place to spend your last pennies.

The Boot Pub was third for those looking to be entertained and watered at the same time.

A number of other local shops and bars got a mention but only two people voted to do something philanthropic with their money. With grumbling tummies and parched mouths, they voted to spend their last $10 on a donation to the local animal shelter, Whistler Animal Galore. We hope their donations gave them a warm rosy glow to keep them sustained 'til payday.

And one romantic voted to spend his last $10 on a "drink for a lady." Hope it was worth it!

Most extreme Whistler thing to do in 2003

Whistler is a town that was built on the extreme, where the words "steeper" and "faster" were once the only noble words to live by. And then a little company came along two years ago that took the meaning of the word "extreme" to a whole new level in Whistler.

For the second year in a row Whistler Bungee, a company that's in the business of providing some stomach-dropping, spine-tingling thrills, has taken the top spot as the most extreme Whistler thing to do in 2003. All you have to do is stand on a bridge roughly 50 metres above the rushing Cheakamus River and throw yourself off. You just have to trust that the bungee cord on your feet will stop your fall at the last moment.

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