The Fatman verses the Ironman 

Some good natured trash talking in the Chateau Fairmont Whistler kitchens spun into something bigger, as the two chefs put their money, bodies and stomachs where there mouths were.

On Dec. 10, Shane Robilliard and Mike Morgan will attempt to run from the Chateau to the McDonald’s in Squamish – some 59 kilometres – after which point they will consume five Big Mac’s – some 3,260 calories.

The contest has been dubbed "The Fatman verses the Ironman".

Morgan, a rugby player, is the Fatman. Robilliard, who is an accomplished runner with an actual Ironman triathlon under his belt, is the other guy.

"For me, the tough part is going to be eating five Big Mac’s. I’d find it easier to run 60 kilometres than five Big Mac’s," Robilliard said.

There’s no time limit for either of the runner’s, and although he had his doubts that Morgan would even make it to Squamish, Robilliard is starting to think there’s more to the rugby player than he first thought.

"I think he’ll make it. He’s got strong heart, and he’s not going to quit no matter what happens. He wants to see me eat those Big Mac’s," said Robilliard.

Both runners are putting up $100 of their own money, for the competition if the other person finishes. The money will go into the Chateau employee’s charitable fund.

Other employees have found out about the bet, and everyone wants a piece of the action. To date, the two runners have collected close to $500 in pledges, with people contributing per kilometre, per Big Mac or for the whole competition.

They will be holding a weigh-in at the next general staff meeting, where other employees will get a chance to make their own pledges.

"It’s really gotten pretty big around here. People are talking about it, and making predictions," Robilliard said.

They also plan to get the public involved in making pledges. They are still looking at ways to collect pledges from outside the hotel, but right now you can call Robilliard at the Chateau, 6045-938-8000, extension 2505, to submit your pledges.


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