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The Haunted Chairlift 

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"What the hell was that?" asked the girl, slight panic in her voice. "That was crazy! I thought my skis were going to get blown off."

"Your skis? I thought my knee was going to rip apart. This snowboard is like a sail."

"I've been skiing here thirty-seven years, in every kind of weather," said the older man, his voice shaking. "And I've never, ever been hit with a gust of wind like that! That must have been a hundred and fifty klicks. Like a goddamn freight train!"

The younger male skier, leaned over the side to try and spot the ground.

"I can't see a friggin thing in this cloud," he said. "I don't think we're moving at all."

"All the emergency shut-offs must have been tripped by the wind," the older man said. "They have backup gas generators to keep the bullwheel turning, although it moves pretty slow. We could be here awhile. Might even have to rescue us."

"That's just great," said the snowboarder. "I literally only had time for one run today."

"Working?" asked the female skier.

"Nope," answered the man. "The wife just had a baby two days ago. They were both sleeping and I couldn't, so I snuck out for a run. Like, I literally snuck out. Ghosted the car down the driveway and everything so I wouldn't wake them."

"Nice!" said the male skier.

"Well, I haven't had a lot of days this year between work and the pregnancy, and I wasn't going to miss today..."

"Hello!" yelled out the young skier, cupping his hands to his mouth. "Hey-oh!"

He looked up to read their chair number. "You guys on Chair 40, can you see anything? Repeat: can...you... see... anything?"

There was no answer.

"What the hell, there was a full chair there," he said, and then he called out, "Answer me! Chair 39 commands you!"

"Probably can't hear you over the wind," said the older man, which is the moment they realized that there was no wind at all. It was completely calm.

"This is creepy," said the girl. "Hello? Hello!"



"If the fog is thick enough, it can muffle sound," said the older man. "You need a foghorn to cut through this soup."

The snowboarder took out his phone. "Well, that sucks. Better see how much trouble I'm in. Whoops, no bars."

The young skiers took out their phones as well. "Yeah, nothing. That's weird," said the male skier. "Tanya, didn't you just call me from this lift like half an hour ago?"

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