The many joint ventures of Watermelon 

Who: Watermelon Girl

What: Grow Show

Where: Buffalo Bill’s

When: Aug. 26

Comedienne and "Weed Diva" Watermelon Girl is bringing her vaudeville-style Grow Show to Whistler this week. Here’s a hint of what to expect from the girl who sells space cakes by the sea shore.

Pique : What’s a typical day in the life of Watermelon?

Watermelon Girl: I get up, I smoke a joint, I get out of bed… mostly I’m in my kitchen baked and baking, and in the summer I work down at Wreck Beach, until I was area restricted for selling too many cookies.

Pique : What can the audience expect from your Grow Show?

WG : It’s like comedy cabaret, we have a little something for everyone.

Pique : Will the proceeds from your Grow Show go towards the legal fees from your arrest on Wreck Beach?

WG: There’s no income in theatre, we do it for the passion.

Pique : How did you get into comedy?

WG : Everybody plays their role in this world, and mine is through satire and absurdist comedy, that’s my role, that’s my soapbox. And I’ve always wanted to be a comic.

Pique : So where did this passion for the pot come from?

WG : I ask myself that same question every day. I guess everyone’s got their bandwagon to work with, weed is one social injustice that I’m the most vocal about.

Pique : What’s your political message?

WG : Just to enjoy the heck out of yourself while you’re here.

Pique : Would you call yourself an advocate of nudity?

WG : Absolutely. I was nude all weekend, nobody minded. I think pot smokers and naturalists have a similar persecution, so they go hand in hand. Neither of these activities are hurting anybody; me getting naked and sitting by the ocean or smoking a joint.

You can get up in the morning and feed your kid Coca Cola and Count Chocula for breakfast and that’s perfectly fine. And I’m not supposed to smoke a doobie and sit in the sunshine? That’s when it become satirical or absurd.

Pique : How do you get all this work done if you are stoned the majority of the time?

WG : There’s a few people who smoke doobies all day and don’t do anything and a couple of rotten apples can spoil the barrel. I’m not one of those people. I’m a really hard worker and a large part of what I’m trying to do is remove the old stereotype of the weed smoker and put new ones in place.

Pique : How did you get the name Watermelon?

WG : I’m just lucky, I guess.

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