The meaning of Christmas, according to Whistler kids 

Christmas can be a mixture of great stress and jubilation for many adults but for kids, regardless of what’s happening around them, Christmas is always an exciting time.

In its truest sense Christmas is a time put aside to remember the birth of Jesus, but even for families who are not religious the splendor of Christmas is often best understood through the eyes and smiles of children.

In an attempt to discover just what Christmas means to those who usually enjoy it the most, Pique Newsmagazine visited a kindergarten class full of five-year-olds and the results were surprisingly not all about presents.

Kristjan Rahde was drawing a picture of a snowman and a Christmas tree while he shared his thoughts on the Christmas experience.

It should be noted that at no stage did his crayon leave the page during his response.

"It’s time for big brothers and little brothers to get together," Rahde said.

"It’s about getting together."

Mimi McClean agreed with Rahde but she was overwhelmingly distracted by the thought of giving and receiving presents; in particular, a new set of ice-skates.

"It means presents for all – we get to give stuff," McClean said.

Grayson Keam said he enjoyed the surprises the most and the fact that anything goes.

"We all get surprised," Keam said.

"I hope I get surprised with a snowboard and a dirt bike this year.

"You can also do whatever you want, you know, whatever."

Hugh Horler, who was the class helper for the day, said he loved the fact that everyone seemed to be happy.

"It’s joy; there’s joy everywhere," Horler said.

"It’s all about the joy, you know?"

Liam Gottschalk wasn’t content to just talk about Christmas, he wanted to sing and pretty soon most of his classmates had joined in.

"My favourite is the carols," Gottschalk said.

"One Small Voice can make a difference is my favorite.

"It goes…(Liam’s Christmas tribute album should be out around October 2035)."

Meghan Marof quickly joined in the singing but she was just more concerned with the man himself – Santa.

"He’s (Santa’s) yummy," Marof said as she made an outline with her hands of Santa.

"He’s my favourite because he’s happy and big."

Nicole Tabias knew Christmas was going to be a lot of fun but she wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

"We’re going to Hawaii… it’s good, but I don’t know what happens (there)," Tabias said.

Cambria Willis was happy to sing and agree with what her friends were proposing; then she saw the camera and she couldn’t help but show everyone her biggest "Christmas" smile.

Toni Hoggard was as confident as any person could be that she had discovered a way to catch a ride with Santa when he does the rounds on Dec. 25, and her plan captivated all the children.

"I’m going to wait for everyone to go to bed," Hoggard said.

"Then I’m going to stay awake and wait until I hear the bells and then I’m going to run downstairs to see Santa," Hoggard said.

At this point several other children were clearly planning to do the same thing, so Miss Hoggard took the opportunity to make everyone feel good.

"Now that will be smart; it’s smart, really isn’t it?"

Everyone at her table promptly agreed.

Special thanks to Marta Hollander and Myrtle Philip school for allowing this story to happen.

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