The One 

Selected answers from people who entered Pique Newsmagazine’s Valentine’s Day contest and responded to the skill-testing question: How do you know he or she is the one?

"When you’re with each other, your worlds become one, existence on the outside of your bubble carries on; yet comes to a halt. As you look into each other; you find comfort and familiarity with each other’s thoughts. As words can not express, the feeling that’s created with in. The feeling of love. That’s when you know he or she is the one."

— April Solonyka

"When it doesn’t matter about the diamond, the size of the wedding or your parents’ blessing. The only thing that matters is that you will go through thick and thin to forever be together."

— Kylee Peebles

"She is like a stained glass window, beautiful on the outside, even more beautiful on the inside, helping me see things in a different light, and making my world a little more colourful."

— Michael Kompass

"The kind of ‘magic’ which comes from a simple touch, a casual glance, an unexpected kiss and sometimes, never needing to say a word."

— Mark Thomson

"When you can be doing absolutely nothing together and still enjoy each other’s company."

— Rowan Coe

"When you look forward to seeing him at the end of every day. When you think of him and breathing is easier."

— Lynn Johnson:

"When you no longer have to ask yourself the question."

— Brandon Wong:

"I knew my now husband Erik was the one because on his 31 st birthday (11/2 years ago) he rode a sport bike for four hours, then flew on a plane from Seattle to San Jose, California to meet me for the first time. We survived a long distance relationship for one and a half years, then finally tied the knot (8/9/03) in Whistler. That’s Love!"

— Kai Powers

"I knew he was the one when the thought of packing up my life in Australia to be with him became something I wanted instead of something that I feared."

— Natalie Blampied

"When you learn that your love doesn’t consist of gazing at each other but looking together in the same direction."

— Rebecca Robertson

"After a cracked tibia and fibula, EI and pushing my boyfriend to and from the village in a wheelchair, I realized he is the one. His love makes my world more beautiful every day."

— Kaitlin Jones

"When you can sit beside him/her for an hour without saying anything and the silence doesn’t make you uncomfortable."

— Rebecca Jenney

"She is not the woman that I can live with – she is the woman that I can’t live without!"

— Peter Rempel

"When I hear my three favourite words on a perfect morning at the top of an untouched run:‘You go first’."

— Matthew Lombardi

"When you truly understand what unconditional love is; and that word describes your world with him."

— M.Belosic

"When he lets you use the family pass on a 50 cm bluebird day while he stays home minding the kids."

— Claire Overs

"When I’m willing to eat Kraft Dinner for three months straight so I can buy her the ring she really deserves."

— Mike Tousignot

She is there for me when I am away

My body might be far but our spirit’s are connected

She feels my love, pain, happiness and sorrow

She heals me

With her aid, I have learned how to honour, love, respect and forgive

And for this I am thankful

She makes me whole

I love you Jennifer

— Kevin Raffler:

"When he makes you smile so much your face starts to hurt."

— Jill Elliot

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