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This year, of course, the snow is very spotty. Like Europe, Montana is having one of the driest years on record and there are a lot of theories about why this is. Maybe Dave Barry had the answer the other day in one of his columns: "With so many baby boomer women reaching maturity at the same time, global warming is probably caused by so many hot flashes."

This might well be the reason for the infamous Idaho high-pressure ridge, because so many menopausal women are retiring to Idaho and Montana with their AARP spousal equivalents that they have actually raised the local ambient temperature that diverts the strong Pacific storms to the north or south.

Everyone has a theory about what affects the snowfall and how to predict it. I remember the fall of about 1958 when a bunch of ski shop owners were trying to beat me down in price to use my ski footage on their TV shows. They were all talking about how the length of hair on the chipmunks and how many nuts the squirrels were putting away indicated a good winter coming up.

My response was, "I went surfing this morning and the water here in Manhattan Beach was three or four degrees warmer than it normally is this time of the year. If it stays that warm, the skiing in Southern California will be terrible." The local ski resorts operated eight days that winter. (This was before they had snowmaking machinery.)

Is it possible that the temperature of the Japanese current controls where and how much snow falls in the west as the current sweeps south down the west coast?

I definitely think it is.

What if a person could predict the amount of snowfall in Idaho, Montana, California or Colorado by the temperature of the Sea of Japan where the Japanese current originates during the hot months of the summer before the snow falls?

This theory might work if a person also knew just where the Baby Boomer women lived and how many of them were currently having hot flashes.

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