What are YOU gonna be when you grow up? 

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"What are you going to be when you grow up"?

That's one of the most simple, yet profound and confusing questions bombarding soon-to-be-graduates and young adults today.

As this school season winds down and the hopes for a spectacular summer approaches, it's decision-making time for lots of you students out there.

Maybe you go to university; or you do an internship to see if you even like the career your contemplating?

Maybe you go to trade school, or maybe you wait and travel for a year to gain a different perspective on life and your goals... but to add my two cents to the equation, explore all your options.

That little dream which you've held on to since you were a kid but were too embarrassed to tell people about...maybe you should take a good look at that...anything is possible.

Here's what some of our local youth and young adults thought about post secondary education and other options.


Caroline Stroud: Do you feel that you've been given the necessary help to figure out if and what you want to do for post-secondary education?

Chase Harley - Grade 12  - Whistler Secondary : "Planning 10 at school was helpful, that's where they gave me a site to look up a bunch of colleges and what they offer, that's how I found Selkirk for New Media. But they don't really tell us much; they kinda leave us to figure it all out ourselves. They give the colleges and universities time to give presentations at the beginning of the school year but you don't always know what your getting and it's kinda hard to find the course that I want. Selkirk is pretty much the only one in B.C. that I could find and it's especially the only one that I could find that had a ski area near it.

In the end, I don't think there is much else that they could have done to help me. I think if you really want to figure it out you kinda have to do it yourself. You've gotta go out there and figure out what colleges there are and what courses they give"

Ali Calladine - Grade 11 - Whistler Secondary: "In Grade 9 you don't talk about universities. It just came upon me all of a sudden because I jumped a year from grade 9 to 11, it's almost like it's just beginning to sink in but I don't know what I want to do yet. I see a lot of easy and enjoyable ways to keep my options open by getting good grades and doing a lot of extra curricular activities. I've also been reading university publications, the Globe and Mail put out a Universities magazine and Maclean's put out a publication as well.


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