Whistler Secondary recognizes student achievements 

Whistler Secondary School held its annual awards night on June 11, recognizing student achievements in academics, athletics, arts, service and citizenship.

Every year the school also selects an Outstanding Student of the Year in the graduating class, recognizing all-around achievement. This year that student was Ali Wake, an honour roll student with the top grade point average in Grade 12, awards in English and French and a Citizenship Award

The following students were presented Service Awards for helping students, the teachers, or the school: Dylan Jones, Mariah Spence, Jacob McPhail, Dakota Denduyf, Joe Barnes, Ralph Crravalho, Chantal Milan, Emily Wright, Reis Iaconetti, Jeff Smith, Michael Caverly, Tommie Larochelle, Michael Williams, Nilo Valdez Pina, Taylor Kelly, Patrick Taillefer, Brad Monteith, Nancy Bayly, Kianna Lopes, Ariel Hardwood, Allyn Pringle, Maddi MacDonald, Larissa Long, Andrew Griffiths, Molly Andrew, Jackie Pamintuan, Rinka Kim, Maddi Podborski, Casey Svejovsky.

Citizenship Awards, recognizing students that have taken on a leadership role in the school and in the community, were presented to: Ali Wake, Marielle Thompson, Nancy Bayly, Verena Facundo, Emily Wright, Jacob McPhail, Ali Calladine, Bria Darlington.

In athletics, coaches presented MVP medals to students in various varsity sports:

Junior Girls Volleyball: Kailee Darlington; Senior Girls Volleyball: Heidi Rey; Senior Boys Volleyball: Reis Iaconetti-Bush and Tommie Larochelle; Boys Soccer: Jacob McPhail; Girls Soccer: Nancy Bayly; Junior Girls Basketball: Taylor Kelly; Junior Boys Basketball: Reis Iaconetti-Bush and Tommie Larochelle; Senior Boys Basketball: Casey Svejkovsky; Senior Girls Basketball: Jackie Pamintuan; Bantam Boys Basketball: Tyson Thompson; Bantam Girls Basketball: Meghan Burko; Golf Team: Tommie Larochelle; Golf Team Bantams: Tyler Tourond; Track and Field Senior: Kirby Chew; T&F Junior: Harrison Shrimpton; T&F Bantam: Cole and Adam Schmidt; Mountain Bike: Carter Faulkner; Bantam Girls Rugby: Ali Calldine; Junior Rugby: Mike Williams and Rebecca Flynn; Senior Rugby: Fraser McGaw; Gymastics: Nicola Halliwell; Ski Team: Brynne Benbow; Outstanding Female Athlete: Brynne Benbow; Outstanding Male Athlete: Jacob McPhail.

The school also presents awards to the top students in each subject for each grade. In Work Experience the winner was Neve Peterson.

Physical Education: Molly Greenfield (Grade 9), Jonas Horvath (10), Harrison Shrimpton (11). Human Performance: Jean Federick Kohnen.

Graphic Layout and Design and Desktop Publishing: Lauren Aspden (9), Mark Smith (10), Sacha Rockliffe (11), Kirby Chew (12).

Foods: Keegan Blunden (8), Jeremy Fairley (9), Jordan Chew (10), Mitch Bales (11).

Woodwork: Chelsea McCurdy.

Technology: Tristan Underhill.

Visual Arts: Fenner Rockcliffe (8), Chelsea Kingzett (9), Kiele Kirkegaard (10), Amiel Lopez (11), Kristi Poole Adler (12).

Musical Theatre Award: Allyn Pringle.

French: Sarah Lawson (8), Broderick Thompson (9), Harlan Sim (10), Zendai Kashino (11), Ali Wake (12).

Social Studies: Ali Calldine (8), Broderick Thompson (9), Mark Smith (10), Livvy Murray (11), Nancy Bayly (12).

English: Ali Calladine (8), Sierra Van Straaten (9), Marilyn Beswetherick (10), Katelyn McKeever (11), Ali Wake (12).

Math: Samantha Shrimpton (8), Ali Calldine (9), Graham Williamson (10), Zendai Kashino (11), Steven Dykhuisen (12).

Outdoor Recreation and Leadership: Heidi Rey (11), Emily Wright and Joe Barnes (12), Most Improved Michael Caverly.

Science: Mika Sato (8), Chelsea McCurdy (9), Shannon Macdonald (10), Natasha Dudley (11), Allyn Pringle (12).

Headed For Success Science Award: Allyn Pringle.

Peer Tutor Award: Martin Anguita and Dylan Morris.

Top GPA: Ali Calladine (8), Anita Facundo (9), Kiele Kirkegaard (10), Zendai Kashino (11), Ali Wake (12).

The Honour Roll also recognizes students that maintain an overall average of 86 per cent (A) for the year and have no mark less than 73 per cent (a B). Midterm marks from the second semester were combined with final markes from the first semester, as final grades will not be presented until the end of the month.

Grade 8: Chloe Gillot, Jake Allison, Kelsey Schacter, Thomas Sambell, Emily Cankovic, Keegan Blunden, Emina Ida, Emma King, Melanie Auger, Elianne Taillefer, Joshua MacNeil , Stephanie McColm, Samantha Shrimpton, Lisa Nakajima, Mika Sato, Ali Calladine, Mollie Greenfield.

Grade 9: Yuki Charette, Felix Jauvin, Jonas Horvath, Mia Calder, Jane Griffiths, Sierra Van Straaten, Nickolas Wetaski, Nicole Murdoch, Jeremy Fairley, Chelsea McCurdy, Anita Facundo.

Grade 10: Taylor Kelly, Kota Kagoshima, Jordan Chew, Cameron Shand, Dylan Cross, Cole MacDonald, Lucy Brown, Jade Cadoret, Koki Todokoro, Douglas Mosher, Harlan Sim, Harrison Shrimpton, Remington Vernon-Jarvis, Marlin Beswetherick, Alexandra Arcalean, Mark Smith, Graham Williamson, Shannon Macdonald, Shannon MacNamara, Aneta Tchakarova, Kiele Kirkegaard.

Grade 11: Dylan Jones, Catriona Blair, Marco Abe-Denee, Taylor Laidlaw, Luana Auer, Jesse Melamed, Marielle Thompson, Makinna Coombs, Heidi Rey, Mariah Spence, Hilary Carrell, Ryan Funk, Barbara Kolvek, Rebecca Kinney, Genevieve McMeel, Verena Facundo, Franciska Durfeld, Katelyn McKeever, Livvy Murray, Natasha Dudley, Zandai Kashino.

Grade 12: Christiana Durfeld, Megan Lamming, Joseph Barnes, Kirby Chew, Cayley Alexander, Dakota DenDuyf, Sterling Vernon-Jarvis, Nancy Bayly, Steven Dykhuizen, Allyn Pringle, Ali Wake.

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