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Sharing our planet with the pizza burger

Sometimes in life, you can learn a lot about making Pizza Burgers by just asking the right people. In this case, the right people are Connor Priest and Cole Schmidt, two local teenagers who probably know more about this fine art than you do. They, and about ten of their friends, have successfully organized their own "epic meal times" at the Whistler Youth Centre (The YC). Since this is a prime example of the varied interests of today's youth, I thought I'd sit down with these guys to help shed light on the subject.

Caroline Stroud: So what exactly is a Pizza Burger?


Cole Schmidt: "It's where you use two large pizzas as buns and make a giant beef patty to go in between..."


Connor Priest: "...with a Dr. Pepper glaze, and a solid bacon weave in the middle."


Stroud: So, this massive meat patty is the same diameter as the large pizzas, and roughly how thick?


Priest: "About three and a half inches."


Stroud: Those are some formidable dimensions. How regularly would you say you eat these Pizza Burgers?


Schmidt: "Oh, I've only had one."


Priest: "I've had two."


Stroud: You've had two? Like, in the last hour?


Priest: "No, in the last six months. The second one was a lot better."


Stroud: What changed?


Priest: "It was less greasy, and we added some vegetables."


Stroud: Oh yeah, which vegetables ?


Priest: "Well, just tomatoes and lettuce."


Stroud: That's not really a substantial amount of vegetables. What type of pizza did you use?


Priest: "Pepperoni. Both times."


Stroud: The next time you make one, will you switch up the pizza, to maybe a Hawaiian or something with a Mediterranean influence?


Schmidt: "No. That would be too many vegetables."


Stroud: Oh, we think we're starting to understand. The whole point here, is that adding vegetables to a Pizza Burger really threatens its essence as an overtly meaty entity?


Schmidt: "Yes, that's correct."


Stroud: Do you consider yourselves healthy eaters?


Schmidt: "Yes, I do."


Priest: "Only on weekdays."


Stroud: So what role does the Pizza Burger play in your healthy eating lifestyles?


Schmidt: "Oh it doesn't. It's just for fun."


Stroud: Sure, but if you were going hiking somewhere, would a Pizza Burger be a good lunch to bring in a backpack?


Priest: "No, it wouldn't hold up very well, structurally, in a backpack. Not recommended."


Stroud: Did you guys know that there's a group out there, calling themselves Epic Meal Time, who have stolen your whole Pizza Burger theme, and are just steamrolling ahead with all types of variations on it?  In fact, the bacon weave you mention, is a consistent pillar of their recipes.


Priest (with a disdainful look): "Yeah, we heard about them."


Schmidt: "They're actually who inspired us."


Stroud: Oh, not the other way around?


Schmidt: "No."


Stroud: Well, we wish you would've let us known that before we sent them several hostile emails. We gave them your home phone numbers, so maybe expect some calls. Last question, where exactly did you undertake these ambitious culinary endeavours?


Priest: "Here, at the Whistler Youth Centre."


Stround: Wow, this place is the best, even despite its funny looking staff members who were possibly born before 1995.  Well thanks for all the information, guys.


Schmidt: "No, thank you."


Priest: "You're welcome."



Mountain Youth Society (MYS) promotes and fosters the positive growth and development of youth age 13 to 35 through the programs and services of their member organizations. Public meetings with guest speakers are held the second Tuesday of each month at Whistler Public Library's Community Room from 3:30-4:30 p.m. NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, Sept. 13th - BALANCED EATING - Pizza Burgers?  If you're interested in writing an article, contact us at



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